Sean Fitzpatrick

Seanie Fitz to face trial in March

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Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick

The Bray born banking bollix has had 12 cases of evidence served on him today. He is accused of making false, misleading or deceptive statements about his personal loans to the bank’s auditors, Ernst and Young between 2002 and 2007. The amount on the final charge is €139.8 million.

First Circuit Court appearance on March 22nd

FitzPatrick will make his first Circuit Court appearance on these charges on the 22nd March.

He is facing 16 other charges of giving unlawful financial assistance to 16 individuals for the purpose of buying shares in Anglo Irish Bank.

The same 16 allegations are also made against the bank’s former Finance Director, Willie McAteer and the former Managing Director in Ireland, Patrick Whelan.

Seanie Fitz the Fianna Fáil high-flyer

FitzPatrick’s loans totaling 155m from Anglo Irish have not yet been repaid, although he had retired on a pension of over 4 million a year.

Sean FitzPatrick was appointed to a number of positions by Fianna Fáil politicians. In 1998 the then Minster for the Environment and Local Government Noel Dempsey appointed FitzPatrick to the Dublin Docklands Development Authority where he served until 2007. FitzPatrick was also appointed as an non-executive to the Irish airline Aer Lingus in March 2004 by the prominent Fianna Fáil politician and then Minister for Transport Séamus Brennan


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