Lenihan tells us we've turned the corner

We’ve turned another corner

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Lenihan tells us we've turned the corner

Lenihan tells us we’ve turned the corner

Cavan ghost estate sells for €210,000 at auction

A distressed property auction in the Shelbourne Hotel and organised by Allsop saw one Cavan ghost estate containing 5 completed houses, 4 partly finished and planning for 52 more sell for €210,000 today.

Other cut-price bargains (?) included  a 3-bed house in Longford (€35,000), a 3-bed house in Louth (€124,000) a bar in Co. Cork (€190,000) and a derelict cottage in Cork (€33,000). The place was jammed with shithouse rats looking to pick over the corpses of evictions and distressed property owners.

Despite the Irish Times property section and the Colemans, O’Connors and their ilk constantly pushing the pro-property line and bombarding the Irish people with Lenihan-speak since the the crash 5 years ago, we know that if we’d really turned as many corners as they say since Lenihan famously told us in 2010 that we’d turned our first one we’d be back at square one. And dizzy.



  1. “Shithouse rats”, wow. You’ll forgive me if I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for the “distressed property owners” that were building a 61 house estate in Cavan. Even in the boom you’d be hard pushed to find 60 people that wanted to move to Cavan.

  2. paschal, you’d be surprised at how many people actually commute from cavan to dublin – the little town i’m from more or less doubled in size over the past ten-fifteen years

  3. I remember meeting commuters in Ballinasloe. Getting the 6:03 train for work in Dublin, getting home at 9pm.

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