*Breaking* Drama in Cyprus – Live

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Cyprus in turmoil

Cyprus in turmoil

Dramatic pictures are being broadcast now as citizens, including bank employees, are protesting and clashing with police outside Cyprus’ Parliament.

Watch live via CyBC TV here : LIVE VIDEO (site may be slow to load but once loaded the stream works well, allow 30 seconds)

The protests come on the heels of the EU/IMF attempt to impose a snatch of Cypriots’ bank savings and further developments which resulted in a run on the banks and a threat by the EU of further damage come Monday.

Recorded video here:


  1. Updated with some recorded footage. The Cypriot tv station is flicking through talking heads in English French and Russian, interspersed with some live footage from outside parliament.

  2. looks like europe is going to make an example of them, if they dont sort it by monday its feck off! Q cypriot misery!

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