Emigrating for the craic…That’s all folks!

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Minister John Perry

Minister John Perry



You may not of ever heard of this guy but he’s solid gold. Minister (seriously) for Small Business John Perry responds to Sinn Féin’s Peadar Tóibín’s question about emigration by maintaining that loads of people are delighted to be heading off for Canada and the USA etc.

While doing a wonderful impersonation of Bertie Ahern imitating Porky Pig under pressure he manages to rattle off a rambling answer of incoherence. Classic. Set your ears to ‘stun’ it took us 5 listens to make out what he’s saying.

UPDATE: thanks to our rabble followers for some fine follow-ups.

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  1. im delighted to be in canada coz i couldnt find a full time job back home! also Minister for Incoherent Rambling should be an offical title…..

  2. That was painful…He’d struggle with a one word answer….Have the rest of the TD’s emigrated or were they in the bar?

  3. I guess some people are under the assumption that we enjoy going for permanent holidays what a spoofer

  4. That’s brilliant. I actually never heard of Minister John Perry. But incidentally, got a 6.30am flight to England last week and the airport was totally chockablock. It felt like the entire country was leaving…

  5. I’d love to see the transcript of this. He sounds like the old lad – that’s half pissed in the local bar. I think it’s him!

  6. SligoToday.ie reported in April that Mr Perry had claimed a staggering €131,386 in transport costs. That’s on top of his basic salary + junior minister allowance, oh and he’s currentlly the occupier of the John McGuinness 250k refurb office (luxury jacks roll included)

  7. Quit giving him a hard time, he’s actually super-intelligent to the point he can’t finish his sentences cos he’s started new ones. Guy’s mouth can’t keep up with his brain is all. Reminds me of Da Vinci in his prime so he does.

  8. How was he not forced to resign to honour his pre-election “cancer services promise”?

  9. The guys a gobshite, came canvassing to the door when i was a teenager and he gave me the creeps. Yet still i find something odd with the latest wave of emigration and the culture surrounding it. Previous generations left because there was nothing, absolutely nothing going but i don’t think the same can be said for now. I’ve heard of college lecturers telling students not to take anything other than a job in their qualification, anything else looks bad on a cv, to go elsewhere if you can’t find what you want here. As i see it there’s an unhealthy model of society growing, we have the highest percentage of college graduates in Europe, being trained for emigration, yet immigration still exceeds emigration, taking in people to do the jobs we no longer see fit for us. I wouldn’t suggest people are leaving for the crack, i wouldn’t suggest a proffessional in their thirties or forties should have to back to square one nor that anyone shouldn’t receive an education they want or be made take a job they don’t want but i get a feeling todays graduates aren’t willing to take on the jobs previous generations did and that we’ve become either blind or complicit to this.

  10. John Perry achieved the highest spend amongst all TDs and ministers for a personal Public Relations allowance. He clocked up over €40,000 which was more than the combined spend of both the Health Minister Dr James Reilly and the then junior minister, Roisin Shorthall.

    40k well spend it say!


  11. One thing you don’t hear about much is not about why people are leaving, but whether they are able to come back. I left a good job I loved in Ireland because I wanted to go travelling and see the world a bit more and have a laugh [yes, lucky me to have the chance], but have always planned to come back home. But, to be honest, I don’t know how realistic it is that I’ll be able to find work. I didn’t feel forced to emigrate at all, but I hope I’m not ‘forced’ to stay away…

  12. Tune in tomorrow in the Dail, as another junior minister suggests that a 6 person psychiatric panel for suicidal women seeking abortions is like going on X factor auditions.

  13. Maghnus O’Brien – wouldn’t normally step in on a thread and you’re absolutely free to comment but just want to pull you up on a couple of facts as they are the ones that are used by far right groups and while you’re not advocating them we just need to call it. – Emigration is about double the number of immigration.
    Non-nationals amount to approx 544,000 of our population, vast majority are EU nationals and about half our immigrants over the last decade were British. last year there were 88,000 visa applications, 1 in 10 of these was refused. There were just 950 asylum applications.

  14. I’ll take your word, i’m just basing that on what i remember from newspaper articles (Irish times?) when the last census was released. Although my point was nothing really to do with immigration, more a feeling that, while there is an obvious unemployment problem, the current wave of emmigration isn’t as a result of such dire circumstances as previous generations and that their is a culture and mindset growing that people have to emigrate to get on with their lives.

  15. Fine Gael and Labour are liars. Enda Kenny has no speaking voice, presentation skills and he copies obama speeches.
    When is he going to call a general election because I wont be voting for liars.

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