rabble Fund:it Update 7: Less than 10 days left!!!

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Right, so we’ve blown away the cobwebs from last nights rabble Babble and mocked up this sketch of what our Fund:it merch is going to look like. Any ideas on what to put on the tshirt?

There’s lots of reasons to support this Fund:it, not only are there ace rewards on to go – but there’s a slew of shit to be raffled off at the end as well.

So, don’t forget if you become a rabble Fund:it supporter you could win two tickets to the UK’s most mental festival, the one and only Boomtown. The lads behind the Big Jim comic book have thrown us two signed original ink drawings to give away as well.

It’s nearly the end of days for us folks. The clock is ticking. If you want us to survive into the future its time to give us a dig out.



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