LIVE: Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013

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The Dáil will return to discuss Report and Final Stages

It was originally scheduled to conclude at 9pm but after objections to a guillotine session, it will be allowed to go past midnight before voting. Lucinda Creighton (FG), Peter Mathews (FG) and a few nobodies are thought to be amongst the 6 FG reps considering voting with their ‘conscience’ against the wishes of their constituents and the whip. Also in the Seanad Creighton’s husband, Paul Bradford and the always hilarious Fidelma Freely-Memes are considering voting against their const…hold on they don’t have any constituents….

Anyway, watch the non-drama unfold here:

Here you can watch footage from the Dáil, live from Leinster House.

This stream can also be launched in a standalone media player.

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  1. Sounds like Youth Defence are Fucked 🙂

  2. Their total right wing anti -gay position would indicate a cowardly denial and cover-up for alternative sexuality me-thinks!

  3. Richard Bruton’s talking about start-ups. My heart’s racing. What time is the debate starting at?

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