Can Yiz Help The People Out? rabble’s Office Wish List.

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Ah would’ja look? rabble is all grown up and got itself an office in Block T. With the Fund:it rewards finally out of our hair, we’re looking forward to a new lease of life.


At the moment it looks like the sort of cell you’d shove Dilbert in and forget about him. But we’ve a bad dose of the old optimism and are hoping  you lot might have bits and pieces we could scab to cheer the place up.

Here’s a wish list of things we’re scrounging for;

  • 3 large wooden desks / or slabs of wood fit to sit on trestles that all n’all might behave like one desk yoke.
  • A couch fit for slouching and a small coffee table to plonk the feet on.
  • Comfortable office chairs for swiveling in.
  • Book cases for storing bundles of back issues n ting. Preferably wide and deep.
  • Unwanted desk and floor lights. Mood lightening, mighty important.
  • Electrical extensions. Ta wire the place up.
  • Computer monitors so we can dual screen with laptops.
  • Old but working desktops/towers. Should be capable of running Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere etc.
  • VGA Cables for hooking up em monitors.
  • Computer speakers.
  • White boards for the wall and flip charts with a stand for brainstorming.
  • Old frames for art work and schticking up editions of rabble.
  • Some class speakers. To stick a session lead in and play music.
  • Stationary (envelopes, pens, markers, rubber bands, all the usual bits and bobs…)
  • Filing cabinet for storing important bits and bobs.
  • A printer scanner jobby. We’d go mad for one of them A3 ones. So we can run up proofs.
  • Throws, rugs and soft furnishings. We may end up sleeping in there yet boss.

If you can help us out with any of this schtuff. Then please do.

Just send photos and descriptions to or contact us on that Facebook thing ye all go mad for.




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