Irish Far-Right Targets Pro-Choice Supporters

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Irish National placard at 2013 Rally for Life

Irish National placard at 2013 Rally for Life

 Reports of far-right involvement in last year’s two ‘Rally for Life’ events have proven to be correct.

Here we document some disturbing online evidence (see gallery) of far-right nationalists identifying, tracking and indirectly threatening pro-choice activists.

“People from all walks of life attended the Rally for Life in Dublin. A path to a better Ireland, national reconstruction.”

This video of the Rally For Life is published by someone calling themselves Smokewithoutfire. Anti-Fascist Action Ireland have claimed online  that this individual is actually Sean Canty from Wexford. The Youtube uploader responsible has a number of other videos posted on their account. Many of them focus on the work of the Democratic Right Movement Ireland.  One of those involved in the Democratic Right Movement is Micheal Quinn, according to Irish Election Literature he was an Independent For Life candidate in the Dun Laoghaire Constutiency in 1992.

The rallies seem to be buoying the far right, giving them a since of pride with some members of the forum issuing vague threats against ‘reds’ to “show their ugly faces.” One particularly enthusiastic user goes as far as to link it into events across Europe saying

“The time is approaching and there will be a European spring all over the continent.You were right about everything!”

The forum is full of vague threats of violence, on one thread a user posts a picture showing a woman of color holding a copy of the Irish proclamation as part of a Migrant Rights Centre photo call. Another user follows up with:

“Words fails me on how angry I am seeing this. The words of what I want to do to those people (Migrant Council of Ireland) are unspeakable and dark.”

Reading the forum it’s quite possible the meet-ups in real life have led to some new people joining their cause, with names and email addresses being swapped to arrange further meet ups.

“With over 500 views for each photo the names are starting to come in. Well done lads.”

In another topic, one of the main instigators of the name collecting can be seen supporting calls for the return of lynch mobbing to Ireland.



  1. This group is probably at most 3 men and a dog. I hope the media doesn’t hype them up to a position they don’t hold.

  2. Why give them the publicity? They’re a few loons whose “intelligence gathering” involves posting pics of demos they took that they could get just as easily if they went onto a lefty Facebook page. “Names and addresses will be sent”, is a fairly obvi “we’re pretending we have more info than we have” post.

  3. Giant photo of Stephie Lord above their mantle piece I bet ..

  4. Don’t give these ignorant tools the ink. They’re probably delighted that their name has been mentioned in any context. Any politician trying to stand in front of them is either praying on their ignorance to garnish a few extra votes or just as backwards and ignorant. Steer clear and leave them to back slap each other about their ignorant posts.
    Trying to change either sides views is about as productive as kicking water up hill.

  5. “Irelands far right” are who exactly ? Is this a call to paranoia; time to go underground . . .

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