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8,000 Gardaí patrolled empty streets during Queen's and Obama's visits

8,000 Gardaí patrolled empty streets during Queen’s and Obama’s visits

The visits of her Maj and Barack O’Bama saw thousands of Gardaí loll about an empty city centre for days on end and a policing bill of over €35m.

In contrast the heavy policing of serious violence in Northern Ireland’s ‘Fleg’ disputes saw a total cost of £15m. Why so much here?

Figures released in Northern Ireland showed a total policing cost of £15.6m over the two months of serious violence surrounding the Flag protests (mainly centred in Belfast). Figures as follows:


Total cost of policing £15.6m (includes duty time and overtime)
Average cost per day Over £200,000
Number of officers injured 146
Number of arrests 200
Age of the youngest arrested 11
Age of the oldest arrested 69
Max number of protests during Operation ‘Standstill’ 80
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Daenerys Targaryen and an old dragon

In contrast Dublin’s empty streets were policed by 8,000 Gardaí with an overtime bill alone for the few days of €23.85m. We hear Copper Face Jack’s was jammers and Vodafone saw share prices rise as text messaging quadrupled.

From today the National Convention Centre hosts the right-wing EPP (European People’s Party) piss-up with Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons flying in fresh from her release from Ukraine’s jail (massive corruption) to show Enda and the lads how it’s really done.

The eastern half of the city centre is in lockdown already.


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