50 Euro And All The Spuds You Can Eat.

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Potato Picking Internships

Potato Picking Internships

Every day another name off the live register. This is one of four farm labourer ‘internships’ on the JobBridge site today. Shameless stuff from this government.

Must have a drivers licence, be willing to work well with others, work on their own initiative, Some heavy lifting involved.

Boiled, mashed and half-baked.

(hat-tip to Scambridge.ie)


  1. basically this scheme is taking 100s of jobs out of the economy. even the most unskilled work which so many rely on. it is destroying people chances of finding a job.

  2. “I want to develop my career in the potato packing industry to its fullest potential and I’m thrilled that this government has the vision and courage to put in place systems and supports that will enable people like me to fully realise our potential.”

  3. Thats shocking! We had help whilst at silage last week and can tell you even the sixteen year old who was only bringing up loads for 3 days got more than this! And he is our nephew, this is total exploitation!

  4. And when you finally fall down exhausted, face-first into a rut of cold wet raw spuds, you’ll be carted off to hospital, refused a medical card and billed €100 for the ambo ride…

  5. I spent 3 weeks picking spuds last summer, they were organic so it was mainly by hand as its easier to root out the bad ones that way, I think you can teach someone the ropes in about a day. I can’t see why you would need to do an internship in it.

  6. In fairness there’s been a dearth of free labour for farmers since the closure of homes and institution that boarded out “problem” youngsters to good Catholic families. Job bridge filling a gap and creating a gap simultaneously – 2 birds one stone

  7. It’s cheap labour that’s for sure. A lot of comments complaining about a bit of hard work cop on ffs a bit of hard work never killed anyone.

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