There Will Be No Pipelines.

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First Nations resistance in Canada. The Unist’ot’en tribe patrol their territory and on finding a helicopter and exploratory crew working for TransCanada, they evict them and warn them not to come back.


The north American aboriginal tribes are to the forefront in resisting gas & oil exploitation that is wreaking havoc across that continent. In this video, a masked warrior calmly explains to crew illegally working on tribe territory that they must leave on pain of having their equipment confiscated.

For more on this story and the background visit Red Power Media.


  1. It’s good to actually see someone resisting these pipelines in a meaningful way. So much of the anti-pipeline mentality here in British Columbia is pure rhetoric, usually from rich white urbanites who have no understanding of the issue and simply want to be seen as environmentally conscience. It’s definitely part of the Vancouver mentality, environmentalism (don’t get me started on Organics and Whole Food yuppies) is as much about marketing and feel-good branding as it is about the real issues. Their is also a serious neglect for aboriginal land rights, to most people this is clearly secondary to the potential for serious environmental impact.

  2. they also blocked up roads in toronto for a year in 2008 causing fucking chaos and road accidents and can sell 200 fags in a bag for 20 dollars so I’m not sure you should be claping your hands for them.

  3. I spoke someone who works for an environmental certification company — one of those who investigate the potential impacts of new industrial projects, such as mining in the Arctic. He told me many Inuit support mining projects because it creates local jobs. In northern Sweden I saw that the native Sami population is divided on industry projects. How is it with the First Nations in western Canada? Are they divided, or is there pretty much a consensus among tribe residents in opposition of industrial projects?

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