800 Quid A Month? You Must Be Daft.

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As rents climb higher we take a look around some of the ‘competitively’ priced ‘Studio Apartments’ offered by the rentier class to those that can’t afford a home.

In previous articles we wrote about bedshitland and the  failure of  almost all 1500 residences examined to pass basic health & safety criteria demanded by the DCC. Today we scanned the pages of the most appropriately named property website, Daft.ie and came up with these beauties (see gallery) all looking for circa €800-€1000 per month.

In light of recent reports from Berlin where the Germans are expected to build hundreds of thousands of new homes to counter the rise in rents for 52sqm apartments towards an unacceptable €500, in Dublin we expect to pay twice that for someone’s damp jacks with a bed fecked into it.

But you know, we are where we are, we all partied, five point plan and sure would you want it Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way?



  1. Could be a scam. there’s loads of them on Daft now. trying to get people to send deposits

  2. what a dump there’s still nicer bedsits out here for 650 a month, you wouldt stretch your legs in that

  3. Problem is unregulated capitalism that allows the rich to buy up everything and rent it back at whatever price they want. Too few people own too much property. We need New York City-style rent control laws and have them enforced.

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