#ruckusAlert: Gramophone Disco Celebrate Protest.

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Those time warping miscreants in the Gramophone Disco crew return with a hooley right after tomorrow’s Irish Water demo. It’s running along a cowboy and protest theme.

It’s all kicking off down in Jigsaw, a new space in old Seomra Spraoi building. Here’s their blurb for the night time event:

“The townsfolk have been coming into the Gramophone saloon and telling tales of the O’Brien gang riding up to the homesteaders and demanding money from folks for access to their own darn water! There’s been many a standoff at ranches and free holdings around here and the neighbouring counties, with families and neighbours banding together to see off the gangs from their properties. It’s a sight to see, with even young ‘uns and the womenfolk standing up to these varmints.”

Meanwhile, right after the march, they’re having a session of protest music and its all in the spirit of a peoples’ republic of disco.

“After Right2Water demonstration, we’ll be having five hours celebrating Protest! music through history.. Dj’s and guests playing; Folk, soul, afro-beat, punk, rock, reggae, blues, hip hop, techno, jazz, rai, fado,ballads, house, brass, dancehall, synth and lots more. The list is below, feel free to add artist and songs in the comments and bring a tune or song along on a usb on the day(Wav, flac, or 320kbps if poss).”

Nothing like a day of feet on the streets followed by beats. Why not spam us with some of your favorite political and protest tunes?

Full details can be copped over here

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