#rabble11 Is Brewing And We Want Your Ideas.

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Good afternoon little duckies, just an auld update from us lot in rabble land. #rabble10 just went up online for all your scrolly rolly reading pleasures, so this directed at those of you interested in contributing to our next little rag.

That last issue of our weird and wonderful parish newsletter came out some time back in May. So, we’re long over due another print edition. We’re going to fire up the old engine and set those creative horses galloping.

If you have something you’d like to see in #rabble11, give us a holler. Remember to take a read of our contributors guidelines first. By now you know the sort of stuff we are into. If you can’t drum up an idea of your own, we have plenty of feature ideas we can farm out to willing bodies and art work to take on.

As always, our busy hive mind has a whole array of comic ideas and illustrations we’d love to see go off like a bomb in rabble. If you are an interested illustrator and want to take something on, we’re eager to hear from you. As always, your own ideas are most welcome too.

Our deadline for articles drafts for this issue is Monday September 28th. That’s plenty of time to beat sense into a piece. We’ll help you whip it into print ready shape from there in too.

If you’re stuck for ideas now, then join our mailing list over here and who knows you might contribute in future.

Donations, orders of back issues and merch are always welcome too.

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