Fancy Joining Our Distribution Network For #rabble11?

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Before #rabble11 shells the nation, we want to rebuild our extensive distribution list to ensure the quickest ever circulation of one of our issues to all and sundry.

We currently print 10,000 copies of our madcap little magazine. They arrive back in Dublin on the back of huge articulated truck, and are broken down into 200 bundles of 50 copies each. These are then shipped all over the country.

We are particularly looking for shops, cafes, venues, community centres and other public premises to join our distribution network. We’ll sign post people to you a pick up point once we ship out.

Of course, we also welcome individuals who want to take some of our papers in bulk, and drop them off around the community, chuck em to friends or leave them on transport for others to read.

If you want to join our little media revolution, then sign up right here and we’ll sort you out with a few bundles. If distribution isn’t your bag of tricks, but you still want to support us kicking against the pricks – then why not make a donation today to help subsidise our costs?

Let’s scatter the seeds of inky inspiration to the wind rabble style.

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