They Haven’t Gone Away You Know.

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23rd Jan Water March (22 of 22)

Above: photography by Jamie Goldrick and video by Paul Reynolds. The music comes from a recording of Damien Dempsey singing at the recent Moore St. protests.


With protest marches against Irish Water all over the country today, rabble joined up with the Dublin 7 and Dublin 8 groups for a flavour of the day.

A new year brings little change, an upcoming election brings new promises.

Minister for Neck Alan Kelly has said he doesn’t think about Irish Water much, that the protests don’t bother him.

Unfortunately perhaps for him, the political and media bubble about Leinster House keeps him insulated from the strong feelings evident today in towns and cities nationwide.

Check out to the Right 2 Water page for forthcoming details on the next National Demonstration due to be held before the election.

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