The Dark Heart Of Europe.

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Ming went to check out the TTIP reading room and made this video to highlight  the whole farcical nature of the experience.

Visitors are allowed nothing but a peann luaidhe while in the room, so its incredibly hard for anything to be brought back for public consumption. Sure despite that, before going in even, he’s asked to sign a document saying he won’t disclose too much detail anyway.

Fifteen minutes later he’s back out and signing another solemn declaration under threat. If he doesn’t, then no other MEP will have access to the room in the future.

Since publishing it, staff in the parliament are on his back asking him to take the video down.

Being the bauld boy he is, he’s refusing. So, give it a share – people need to see this.

Have a read of Cillian Doyles article on TTIP on this very site some time ago.

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