Rory Caraher from Mutate’s Best of 2017

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Jon Hussey – Dark Motif (RLSD)

Jon Hussey’s well-overdue vinyl debut, broken meandering acid with a really nice thick atmosphere. Dublin’s own RLSD pressing more great stuff.

Schacke – Future Not Materialized (Ectotherm)

Some subtler techno rhythms at a proper boshing tempo with lovely soft melodies and a bittersweet mood. A great cross between a few different buzzes, released on Mama Snake and Courtey’s label Ectotherm.

Stanislav Tolkachev – Yes, Today (Pohjola)

Repress alert! Stanislav Tolkachev at the height of his powers, lots of layers and ambiguous harmonies in a synth line set over no-frills techno percussion.

Cyted – Bow (self released)

A great trip of noises and textures from Jenn Kirby, built around prepared guitar with heavy digital processing.

Regis – We Said No (Cititrax)

Recently uncovered live recording from 1997 of the Birmingham classic. Transferred by James Ruskin and mastered by Veronica Vasicka.

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