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{NAMA Links} Get your head around our wonderful NAMA Republic

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Eamonn Crudden constructs a nightmarish vision of the property crash by mashing up the useless daily bleating of RTE analysis with disjointed ghost estate imagery. In blending dismembered economic banter from shows like Pat Kenny with dark, dread inspiring electronica he encapsulates the fear stenched atmosphere pervading the early days of the recession. That is, of course, before we grew immune to economic gloom…

Pick Up Points Now Online.

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We’ve totally wankered our backs over the past few days dragging bundles of the first issue around town. You can have a look at our pick up points over here. The list is by no means exhaustive. So, if there is somewhere we are missing out on let us know. A couple of our rabble scatterers are busy smuggling bundles of the magazine to cities and campuses around the country, … Read More

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{Pitch Invasion} Sideline View

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Watching football in a stadium is about as HD as you can get. Mark Grehan tells us why no pub will have the same atmosphere as a League of Ireland ground. While Dr Groove looks at sport and marketing. A few pints are to be had before a match. This is to wet the vocal cords to either chant for the team or roar abuse at the match officials. There … Read More

{Pitch Invasion} Sport More than a Marketing Tool

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Revelations Ch:18 Verse 2. ‘…Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.’ Jello Biafra in his prediction of how marital law would be declared said that sport casts would continue as normal. The new opiate of the people is live sports piped into your life via flat screens. … Read More

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Take Five #1 Finally, Cheap Falafel.

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Finally, Cheap Falafel. Those over priced super market kits can go fuck themselves as this humble street food comes to dublin at a price we can all finally afford. Several fine Dublin establishments have served falafel for years now. But face it – they were a rip off. It’s always remained a mystery to any Irish person with experience of the wondrous Mao falafel chain in Amsterdam, with its ‘help … Read More

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We Live.

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Finally! A few thousand copies of a magazine called rabble landed in Dublin last night. Over the weekend we will be arranging distribution in the city centre. Expect it to appear in all of the usual places and hopefully some you wouldn’t expect.