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Strike By Numbers.

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Above: Bus workers on the picket line. Taken from SIPTU on Twitter. Here’s a run through of some illuminating figures related to the Bus strike. € 4.86: Amount received by Bus Éireann from Government for every “Free Travel” journey € 11.78: Estimated cost to Bus Éireann for every “Free Travel” journey 1 in 3: Amount of journeys which are “Free Travel” on Bus Éireann services 5: Numbers of unions involved … Read More

Classic Stuff.

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  The Sound Crowd gang posted this collection of “home videos” on Youtube last week. Any Irish dance music archaeologists will be familiar with some of these bits especially the Olympic Ballroom scenes. Others are totally fresh like the glimpses into the infamous Féile festivals and more. Note that big screen sponsored by Mitsubishi. Head over to their event page for the upcoming reunion for more archival artifacts. 

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Hail To The Bus Driver.

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    Daycent stuff from the crew at SIPTU Digital giving an insight into the slow chipping away at terms and conditions and hammering rural routes. With an all out transport strike brewing – it’s worth listening to the voices of transport workers as an antidote to the inevitable bar-stool George Hooks that’ll be moaning in your ear come three points in or the absolutely pond life level of humour that … Read More

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The Long March For Medicinal Marijuana.

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Above: Medical cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey on the march in Littleton. Photos from Gino Kenny’s Facebook page. Her long march for medicinal cannabis put Cork Mother Vera Twomey in the news  as she battles on behalf of her daughter.  She’s returning to protest at the Dail this Wednesday and we’ve a feeling she won’t be on her own. Fergal Eccles and Beggars take us through the background to the Medical Cannabis Bill … Read More

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A Great Bunch Of Lads.

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Last Tuesday, while looking for special treatment for the undocumented Irish in the States, Enda Kenny got called out for playing the “Irish Card” by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. Jamie Goldrick takes a look at the notion of Irish exceptionalism and asks why do our politicians feel they can ask for special treatment.   In one sense this episode can be seen as typical of the parish pump politics that we’re … Read More

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A Less Grizzled, More Sincere Tom Waits.

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Despite his youthful appearance and relatively underground status Hamilton Leithauser has been treading the boards of the alternative music scene for a long time now.  Benny Profane caught him in action last night and felt the mad urge to scribble this review and send in a photo he took with a potato.   With his former cohorts The Walkmen he was the driving song-writing force behind a band that put … Read More

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Playing The Big Man in America.

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Aodhan Ó Ríordáin jets off to the States this week to try and crack America with his unique brand of hypocritical liberalism, trumpeting himself as an anti-racist icon in contrast to Trump’s policies of detention and deportation of undocumented migrants.

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Thousands of marchers blocked O’Connell Bridge for a couple of hours on International Womens day in an impressive and well executed direct action at our archaic reproductive rights laws. Since we were on strike for the day in solidarity, here’s our belated rundown.

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Rave New World.

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  Some weeks ago we stumbled upon a performance called The Rave Space in Cube. This small underground sweat box venue in Cork city was well suited to the tightly woven jungle laced theatrics that followed. The Rave Space was part of the Quarter City Block Party and provocatively strung together spirituality and oral fragments from UK rave’s zenith. Rashers Tierney caught up with main man Will Dickie to find out … Read More

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Earlier In Limerick.

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  In politics, they say timing is everything. This one from the Department of Finance Twitter.  Noonan was down at the official opening of the Bon Secours private hospital in Limerick earlier. They run a network of private health facilties around the country If there’s a Malcolm Tucker type character in Noonan’s political life, we wager he’s pouring bile on his baldy hit while racing up the motorway right now. The … Read More