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Monkey Magic.

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Guerilla Studios stakes a claim to be the studio for underground bands in Dublin. Bit Thompson caught up with John ‘Spud’ Murphy and asked why they set up a recording studio when the arse has fallen out of the industry.   Well, how’s it going? So tell me how youse got started in the recording business? Well it started when I was in a band called Ilya K and we’d … Read More

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That’s All Folks

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Roy Scranton reckons that carbon-based-capitalism has led us down the path of no return. Jamie Goldrick caught up with him and had a not-so-positive chat about his book, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene. You open your book with scenes from Baghdad after the American invasion, and describe how the ‘grim future’ that you saw in Iraq was now coming home in the form of climate change. You mention that … Read More

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Imagine a Digital Media Safe Haven.

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In 2009, WikiLeaks released a confidential document listing Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank’s exposure to mega loans. The bank had loaned billions to a golden circle of major shareholders and attempted to manipulate its share price. The state broadcaster, RUV, was gagged from reporting the WikiLeaks exposé. As a result a radical initiative called the International Modern Media Institute received unanimous support in parliament. Sean Finnan spoke to Smári McCarthy, one of … Read More

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Talking To G.O.D.

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Investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty has garnered a reputation as a tenacious old-school reporter. She’s currently championing the case of Mary Boyle, a six-year-old Donegal girl missing since 1977. Rashers Tierney caught up with O’Doherty after her appearance at the Journalism In Crisis conference in the University Of Limerick back in April.

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Staging Ireland.

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  2016 is turning out to be a busy year for THEATREclub. Their piece It’s Not Over is at this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival Festival. They are also touring with The Game which explores the act of buying sex, and their The Ireland Trilogy is being performed in The Abbey in November. Martin Leen caught up with Grace Dyas activist, artist and co-founder of THEATREclub at their new place in Fatima … Read More

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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

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Martin Leen caught up with asylum seeker Lucky Khambule to discuss the realities and frustrations of living under the Direct Provision system in 2016. Here he outlines the steps some of those seeking asylum have taken to ensure their voices are heard.   How long have you been in direct provision, what was the process when you arrived in Ireland? It’s been three and a half years now. I came to Ireland … Read More

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Revolution For Sale.

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Souvenir Shop is one of the Arts Council’s major Easter 1916 commemorative projects. The shop is located in a ramshackle old Georgian house on North Great George’s St. Rita Duffy has filled the shop with subversive products inspired by the revolutionary 1916 period. Catriona Devery caught up with Rita to talk about the show.

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Pushed Off The Block.

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BLOCK T is an independent artistic enterprise and one stop shop for all things creative. It was based in Smithfield from 2010 until March of this year. Unable to get a long term lease in Smithfield, they have now moved to Dublin 8. Martin Leen caught up with co-founder and managing director Laura Dovn to talk about the challenges of running a space such as BLOCK T.

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Catch It While You Can.

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Above: A selection of the stills from Atlantic. The doc is currently screening at selected locations in the South West, Jamie Goldrick caught up with Risteard O Domhnaill to talk about his new film Atlantic He explains how the roots of this project started in Rossport while filming The Pipe, his experience with crowdfunding, and the struggles of finding broadcasters for politically sensitive issues. To finance the film, you raised a substantial … Read More