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#Take5: Dublin’s Best Trad Sessions.

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  FAO all discerning music nerds, acoustic instrument enthusiasts, folkies, traditional culture buffs, or just anyone who’s sick of the forty shades of shite that come spewing in torrents out the doors of every second rate tourist-trap in Temple Bar.   1. The Cobblestone, Smithfield Square. As obvious as it might be, this list would be a big pile of balls without mentioning it. The pub will probably be known … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: DabbledooMusic Fundraiser

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DabbledooMusic is a multimedia project that aims to transform the way music is taught to young people. It uses colour-coded video pieces that kids can play along with, regardless of their level of skill, and teaches them the basics of rhythm, melody, composition and performance . This video explains it all. The lads behind the project have been slaving away at building a new website of late, and need an … Read More

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Anyone Buying Or Selling?

In #rabble8, Culture, Illustration, Music, Print Edition by Jamie Goldrick5 Comments

  Outraged at the rates scalpers are charging for Garth Brook’s tickets, Jamie Goldrick rifles through the back pockets of ticket tout culture. The support act has just finished, a fan has been trying to sell a spare ticket to anyone who is looking. A tout approaches, “I’ll give ya 25 quid”. The punter replies, “no thanks”, “who ya going to sell it to then, the support has just finished?” … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: Diamond Version (Alva Noto & Byetone)

In Blog, Culture, Music by Redmonk29 Comments   Not at Life Festival this weekend? In need of jaw-dropping visuals and bass that threatens to shake your eyes from their sockets? Then pop round to see Diamond Version in the Button Factory tonight. Diamond Version are two ABSOLUTE LEGENDS of the electronic scene: Alva Noto and Byetone, stalwarts of the bastion of electronica that is the Raster-Noton label. They will be performing an Irish debut of their AV … Read More

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#rabbleChoons: Roberts/Robertson

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Folk music at its best is the living, beating heart of human experience and you will find few records that encapsulate this idea so beautifully and devastatingly as Hirta Songs, a collaboration between musician Alasdair Roberts and poet Robin Robertson. “We drowned our dogs with heavy rocks, and gave them up to water’s trust.” The album is a reflection on the exodus of Hirta, the most westerly island of St … Read More

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Keep Them Embers Burning Baby: An Interview With One Of Lynched.

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Cold Old Fire by Lynched When he’s not strapped to his illustrator’s desk, our very own Darragh Lynch can be found strumming out bawdry folk ballads with his band Lynched. With their new album streaming today, Rashers Tierney sat the talented git down for a chat. Yiz are just back from a tour of the states. How did that go? Did you get feted high and low? Yeah, we’re just about … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: Dancing On Narrower Ground

In #rabble8, Culture, Highlights, Music, Politics, Print Edition by Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir5 Comments

Belfast might not be synonymous with sweaty dancefloors and top-notch line-ups, but a fledgling scene has taken root and is dancing to the beat of its own drum. Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir dishes up the ravey gravy. If your knowledge of dance music and Belfast doesn’t extend further than the live news cycle, you might be surprised to find there’s more to it than dodgy pills and drunken teenagers fighting at … Read More

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It’s The Sleaford Mods

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EC claims he’s not usually one for talking about new tunes these days. Too old and too wrapped up in keeping on keeping on.  But his ears recently cocked to The Sleaford Mods and now he’s gone full evangelical. He filed this interview for us. The Last few days I have been aching to tell people about an act I came across semi-randomly while passing time on the net. They’re called … Read More

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Welfare – ‘Totally Dubz’ Mix For Rabble

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Galway-based dj/producer/promoter/sound-fecker WELFARE has kindly given us this savage mix. It’s free to stream and download from our rabble soundcloud page. Here’s what Welfare had to say about it… “A dubplate is an acetate disc ,often used in mastering studios for quality control as well as for the purpose of publicly testing new music prior to full release. A dubplate special is an exclusive version of a track, recorded specifically … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: The Space Lady

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If you like gloriously ethereal cover versions of classic pop songs you probably wouldn’t ever expect to be covered on a Casio keyboard by a lady in a winged hat then this gig is 100% for you. Seriously, The Space Lady is amazing. She aided her late ex-husband’s draft dodge by destroying their IDs and living in a cave on Mt Shasta, California, raising and supporting three children through her street performance. This is her … Read More