What Was The Point Of That?

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Above: Photographer Giuseppe Milo captures this piece of graffiti in the Bogside. Check out more of his work here. Well, that was pointless. To borrow a McGregorism. It should come as a surprise “to absolutely nobody” that talks intended to produce a new power-sharing executive in the North ended in failure last week.  Tommy Downshire takes us through what’s happening up the road. The two largest parties, the DUP and … Read More

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Hail To The Bus Driver.

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    Daycent stuff from the crew at SIPTU Digital giving an insight into the slow chipping away at terms and conditions and hammering rural routes. With an all out transport strike brewing – it’s worth listening to the voices of transport workers as an antidote to the inevitable bar-stool George Hooks that’ll be moaning in your ear come three points in or the absolutely pond life level of humour that … Read More

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The Long March For Medicinal Marijuana.

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Above: Medical cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey on the march in Littleton. Photos from Gino Kenny’s Facebook page. Her long march for medicinal cannabis put Cork Mother Vera Twomey in the news  as she battles on behalf of her daughter.  She’s returning to protest at the Dail this Wednesday and we’ve a feeling she won’t be on her own. Fergal Eccles and Beggars take us through the background to the Medical Cannabis Bill … Read More

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A Great Bunch Of Lads.

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Last Tuesday, while looking for special treatment for the undocumented Irish in the States, Enda Kenny got called out for playing the “Irish Card” by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. Jamie Goldrick takes a look at the notion of Irish exceptionalism and asks why do our politicians feel they can ask for special treatment.   In one sense this episode can be seen as typical of the parish pump politics that we’re … Read More

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Playing The Big Man in America.

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Aodhan Ó Ríordáin jets off to the States this week to try and crack America with his unique brand of hypocritical liberalism, trumpeting himself as an anti-racist icon in contrast to Trump’s policies of detention and deportation of undocumented migrants.

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Hard To Trump Trudeau.

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Photo: Justin Trudeau back in 2013. Credit to Taha Ghaznavi via Creative Commons Last week, the media swooned over holier than thou Trudeau’s meeting with that evil orange monster Trump. Eoghan McNeill takes a look behind the quiff and glistening smile of the liberal’s favourite head of state. I’ll say this for Justin Trudeau: he is a very handsome man. And I’ll say that unreservedly. He has the smile, hair, gait and … Read More

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Every Picket Helps.

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Above: Tesco workers in Artane. Taken from Tesco Workers Together facebook page. Tesco workers are out on strike again today at various locations across Ireland in order to prevent management from tearing up contracts of employment and imposing pay cuts of up to 20% without agreement. They’ve had great support from the wider public, and some celebs like Aiden Gillen and Anne Doyle. However, Tesco management are putting thousands of euro … Read More

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Catching Up After.

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Above: Clare Daly speaks at a Repeal protest.  Her fiery speeches led to one of the most viral pieces of media ever rabble has ever put out. Clare Daly has been one of the few, along with Mick Wallace and Luke “Ming” Flanagan, consistently raising the cacophony of corruption in An Garda Siochana even as others around them play willful ignorance and ridicule them. rabble sent Sean Finnan along for a … Read More

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Repeal Goes On Strike.

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We had a chat with #strike4repeal to see what it is all about.

We saw you put a call out for a strike in Ireland, what is your demand?

Aoife: We are demanding that the government give us a date for a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment. The state’s talking shop on this issue, coming on 34 years since the constitutional change, is dangerous and cowardly. The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013 just criminalised abortion further under the guise of a totally inaccessible ‘legal route’ which, given the case of Ms. Y, would be pretty ill-advisable for anyone to pursue. It seems the government is happy to wait around, delay and bow down to a minority wing of anti-choice zealots; we are not.

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#Strike4Repeal Launches! 8th Of March In Sights.

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Above: #Strike4Repeal call-out for International Women’s Day 2017. #repealthe8th After a weekend where millions around the world followed women in protest against Trump, there’s been a bit of a racket on the Irish social meeja about a #strike4repeal A facebuke page appeared last night issuing a call-out for a non-traditional #strike4repeal in Ireland on Wednesday the 8th of March, which is of course International Women’s Day. They released the below … Read More