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[Flash Fiction] Miley’s Purgatory

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Humour, Print Edition by John Leech0 Comments

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Miley from Glenroe dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. He’s met by St Peter who offers him a fat bowl of DMT straight from the inside of Salvadore Dali’s skull. Intrigued? Read on gentle reader…   Wasn’t it that Prince Valiant fellah that once said “To die would be a great adventure”? Well I can tell ya one thing, it was that. I suppose the best thing I could liken it to, would be smoking a fat bowl of DMT in a plush egg chair inside Salvador Dalí’s skull . ‘Twas … Read More

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rabble 5 – Take Five!

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Humour, Print Edition by rabble3 Comments

    1. Dublin’s Little Feckers   They come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, little ones, snotty-nosed, lazy-eyed, gap-toothed or freckle speckled. Cheeky chungfellas and yobby young ones that shout after you as your dog drags you along the street. Halloween belongs to them, a festival of chaos punctuated with bangers, stolen pallets and a warm can of bulmers shared between five. On bicycles they come unlit whirling through the night like some steroid enhanced Dalek, pulling wheelies down the length of the M50. Haranguing you for fags to the chant of ‘hey mister’ and ‘ah here leave … Read More

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Hollywood’s Fear of the Horde

In #rabble5, Blog, Culture, Film, History, Politics, Print Edition by Dave Johnson1 Comment

David Johnson explores a creeping relabelling of the mob in some of Holywood’s latest offerings.   One, Two, Many, Mob. Everything you need to know about the Hollywood blockbuster can be summed up in these four simple words. One is the hero, a lone rebel fighting against an unjust system. Two are the buddies, a mismatched but balanced yin and yang. The Many is the team, able to overcome all odds but only when united behind their charismatic leader. Mobs are the bad guys, the endless waves of nameless thugs, cannon fodder for the One, the Two and the Many. … Read More

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The Sun Always Shines On #Vinb

In #rabble5, Culture, Humour, Illustration, Politics by Cultural Fatwa7 Comments

A Festival of Cruelty curated by as pure a curmudgeon as ever sprang from Eire’s grassy hills. Culturalfatwa looks beyond the haranguing to the true message of Tonight with Vincent Browne. By any measure Tonight with Vincent Browne at the unearthly hour of 11pm on TV3 is a weird yet wonderful phenomenon. In fact, in a political landscape almost completely devoid of genuine debate, it might just be said to be unique.   Stranger still the fishies that swarm and nibble about in the associated twitter hashtag, #vinb. Here extreme lefty meets dedicated republican, hard core begrudger and random Twitter … Read More

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The Venial Glint

In #rabble5, Culture, Print Edition by Chris Connolly1 Comment

My father was a lost cause, Granny informed us shortly after arriving to spend her final year of wisdom and illness with us, and by the time she was almost ready to be judged herself, confined to her armchair in the living room from morning until evening when he – The Great Sinner – would carry her to bed, she had given up speaking to him entirely, judging him solely with her eyes. Despite her assurances that even a venial sin could get you barred from heaven, there were occasions when my mother’s mother was so taken with the idea … Read More

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Keep it on the Download?

In #rabble5, Culture, Print Edition by Myles Ni Gangstaleen1 Comment

  Ever since the invention of the player piano, there has been moral panics about the consumption of music, about who stands to gain from it, and who is losing out. Myles Ni Gangstaleen take a look at the ethics of downloading. Sure even back in the 1870’s when it was invented, towns across America were covered in black and white posters emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, and the words ‘Player Pianos Are Killing Music’. That last sentence was a load of lies. But so was the hysteria about the creation of many new formats. The Cassette Tape and … Read More

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Home Grown Heroes

In #rabble5, Print Edition by Myles Ni Gangstaleen1 Comment

  It’s a damn good time for electronic music coming out of Ireland that sounds feck all like anything else. Myles Ni Gangstaleen has this rundown of recent releases that demonstrate this Releases from acts who certainly don’t slot in easily with the current popular subgenres and “sounds” in electronic scenes the world over. A couple of months back, LionFX dropped the ‘How a Kid from the Hood became the Lord of a Galaxy’ EP on the Boy Scout Audio label (also home to Meljoann and Herv). This four track digital release of synth-heavy instrumental electro goes from the nasty … Read More

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A Fistful of Bitcoins

In #rabble5, Culture, Print Edition by Ed Zillion1 Comment

Ed Zillion takes us to the wild wild west of digital culture. The Libertarian Millenium, if you will. A place where the twin technologies Bitcoin and Tor have led to the emergence of an online community like no other with its own marketplace and it’s own currency. A place inhabited by a disparate collection of cyber-utopians, digital activists, scammers and their inevitable marks. A place where you can buy LSD and shotguns online and brag about it. It’s a lot like some squat houses I have lived in – one half idealists and the other half people only idealists could … Read More

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Helping Hands

In #rabble5, Interviews, Print Edition by Fedayn0 Comments

“Those who need the service will continue to get a service”, Enda Kenny told the Dáil amid fresh calls from all sides for the cuts to Home Help to be reversed. Mr Kenny said that people with an assessed need for help will get it. rabble thought it better to go straight to the source and asked those on the frontline how these cuts were affecting them and those in their care. Liz Matthews has been a Home Help for 26 years. “I am very concerned about the cuts to services for clients. They’re becoming more and more vulnerable and … Read More

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Woes and Wheelchairs: A Personal Assistant’s account

In #rabble5, Print Edition by Hugo Bass2 Comments

Living with a disability can be a challenging and often isolating existence. Having worked as a Personal Assistant to people with disabilities for over 6 years, Hugo Bass calls the callousness of recent proposed cuts “A damning indictment of state detachment, administrative sloth and the voicelessness of the vulnerable.” You’ll need to have been living under a stone not to know that there have been massive reductions in funding for disability advocacy and support organisations. Public outcry against further proposed cuts by James ‘Bottler’ Reilly caused an embarrassing u-turn by the FG/Lab coalition earlier this year. Perhaps one of the … Read More