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Read #rabble9 Online Now.

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Righty-oh! So another chapter in the rabble soap opera has closed. All the bits and bobs from #rabble9 have made their way onto the wibbly wobbly web which means we can fling the issue up too. If you missed out on an actual physical copy of the magazine, tough luck. Try wiping your arse with this on a iPad instead. If anyone has any smart arse ideas for #rabble10, feel free to sign up to our contributors list and we’ll drop you mail when the self-flagellation rituals are about to begin. Download it over at and share it out … Read More

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#Meejits: The Youth of Today

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Remember the Magaluf Girl scandal? When the tabloid’s mined drunken holiday experiences for cheap titulation to serve up as voyeuristic erotica. Paul Doyle nails tabloid journalism to its own shit-stained walls for it’s depressing and hypocritical treatment of young people doing what young people do. Make no mistake, if an 18 year old male from a forgotten working class area were to commit a crime, newspapers would have no hesitation in referring to him as ‘the 18 year old man’. He’s old enough to vote, to join the army, and go to prison, yet, when he jets off for a … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble9

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Festival season is over so there’s no more pissing on other people’s tents for this pair of reprobates. winter is coming and that means foraging in the reduce to clear aisle while you pricks bend their ears. Dear Session Pixies, I am in a muddle. I love two men. One is my ex.-boyfriend who wants to come back to me, the other is my current boyfriend. Both are lovely men, but feel more spiritually attached to my ex. I am unable to make a decision. Do you have any tips? Mindfucked in Malahide Three words: poppers and pills. Bring them … Read More

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#FlashFiction: Dark Madonna

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She decided to stop washing herself. She decided to stop grooming herself in any way whatsoever. I don’t know if she continued wiping herself after going to the toilet. I don’t know how she dealt with menstruation, or if she avoided it altogether by taking the pill. If she made any exceptions to her filth regime, they were not obvious.The stink was obvious. It was dense, and complex. It had tones and layers and unexpected interactions; sweat, dirt, feces, urine – fresh, maturing, fully matured – all mingling, all churning one into the other. Whether the stink came at you … Read More

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Paying The Sweat Equity

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Since we last reported, Limerick’s City of Culture successfully dealt with its teething problems. Paul Tarpey updates us on how it demonstrated an inclusive and city-wide approach to the arts. In the beginning the worries were structural. Could the 109 projects be delivered? Before he resigned, artistic director Karl Wallace had pulled together a mix of citizen projects, art driven works and spectacles that were designed to interact with each other. So what happened? Well, everything basically. And it’s still happening. Art-led events and visiting ‘spectaculars’ always attract national coverage, but a check of the local papers each week finds … Read More

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Dublin Village.

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Dublin Oldschool is a play that represents a side of Dublin that’s rarely seen in theatres. Nocturnal behaviour till the sun comes up and beyond, yokes as currency, sipping the same can of Dutch for hours. We sent Fiona P. Lonker to find out the buzz. I caught Dublin Oldschool in a packed theatre tent at Electric Picnic, which might just have been the show’s perfect crowd: despite lingering afternoon hangovers and dead legs from the al fresco seating, it managed to drag the whole lot of us to our feet for a standing ovation at the end. Mainly on word-of-mouth, … Read More

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#TakeFive: Dublin’s Plushest Piss Stops.

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  It’s happened all of us at some point or another. Nature calls and you’ve nowhere to go. You try a pub and some smarmy wank-badger at the bar points at the ‘toilets are for customer’s use only’ sign. Time is running out and your choices are slim. You can either soil yourself or resort to the depressing shit-smeared stainless steel jax in McDonalds. Well, fear not! We have compiled this list of (mostly) more agreeable lavatory services especially for you, weary traveller… Brown Thomas Breeze in past the smelly shit and weird women with crap all over their faces … Read More