Above: Photos of the camp kitchen by Georgia Lalor. At one point in 2015 10,000 people a day were reaching the shores of Lesvos, a Greek island close to the Turkish mainland. rabble sent Tomás Lynch to Idomeni, a camp that sprouted up on the border with Macedonia, home to more than 14,000 migrants in March 2016 to speak to some of the volunteers. Katerina Sharma, an Irish woman from Cork who went to Lesvos three times last year at the height of the crisis was compelled in particular by the harrowing photograph of Ahlan Kurdi, the toddler whose body...Read More

#rabble13 Infographic.

Posted by rabble   on June 20, 2017
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The Language Of Exploitation.

Posted by Aileen Bowe   on June 20, 2017
Above: The statue of James Joyce on Talbot St. He was a language teacher too, and certainly showed what could be done with it.  Unite the Union are making handy use of this factoid in their memes ahead of the protest tomorrow. Picture sourced from the Wiki Commons. Every summer Dublin’s streets are chock-a-block with language students. It’s a booming industry but remains largely unregulated with scumbag employer tactics like zero hours and bull shit “self-employment” scams leaving teachers in a rather precarious lurch. Unite the Union have sought a meeting with the Minister for Education Richard Bruton to discuss proposed...Read More

Calling All Ranters.

Posted by Rashers Tierney   on June 19, 2017
The good folk at the Limerick Spring Festival are setting up a speakers corner at Body & Soul next weekend in one of the areas called The Library of Progress. It could always make an ideal dumping ground for that friend that’s overly fond of mixing chemical acclerants with Buckfast and can’t stop chewing the ear off ya. Here’s what they have to say for themselves: “Now is your chance to stand up on that soapbox and talk to the masses about topics that inspire, motivate, encourage and enrage you. The rules are simple: no issue is too big or small...Read More

It’s A London Thing.

Posted by Rashers Tierney   on June 16, 2017
With Grenfell Tower still bowling us over, here’s a track from late 2016 that captures some of the raw rage of a divided London. It’s from Jammz and was put on his I Am Grime label. It’s essentially a refix of Scott Garcia’s 1997 UK garage classic It’s A London Thing. While the original bumped along with a good time swagger, Jammz flips the mood on this one to dish some reality on the city today. With the Grenfell Tower fire throwing light on the city’s divides and discrepancies, or as Jammz puts it, “every other street’s got a parallel lifestyle” – it’s...Read More

The Adventures Of Simple Simon.

Posted by rabble   on June 16, 2017
  With a national homeless demonstration taking place this Saturday, one of our readers sent in this take on Coveney’s years at the helm of housing policy. The protest takes off 1pm tomorrow from the Custom House. Make it big....Read More

The Protesting Crowd.

Posted by Caitríona Devery   on June 16, 2017
Joy Gerrard is an Irish artist based in London. Her recent work depicts protests in cities, expressionistic crowds spilling and surging within static architectural frames. She takes mundane and iconic images from newspapers and the internet, and turns them into ink paintings of different sizes. The act of reproducing these images draws attention to the spectator as witness and asks whether media coverage is ever neutral. Caitríona Devery spoke with her for rabble.   Where are you currently working on? The next exhibition I have coming up is in the Drawing Room in London. It’s a show called Graphic Witness...Read More

Reflections On Apollo.

Posted by Tommy Gavin   on June 15, 2017
  As the Apollo Story progressed, most of the press attention focused on the artists, and a very small number of organisers. However, the real story of Apollo House is and always was the volunteers, over 700 of whom gave up their time to make it what it was. A stark reminder that the current housing system is broken beyond repair, and that a better world is possible. Tommy Gavin talked to many of the volunteers for #rabble13. These are some of their stories.     We, this way. John, Resident (name changed): I stayed there [in Apollo House] for six days,...Read More

Under Apollo.

Posted by James Beggan and Tomas Lynch   on June 15, 2017
Apollo House captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people across the country in a month long occupation beginning before Christmas. Activists, artists and trade unionists occupied a NAMA building in Dublin city centre in a direct confrontation with the government. James Beggan and Tomas Lynch take a look at the housing network that held it all together. The Apollo House occupation organised thousands of volunteers, many of whom had no previous experience with activism but it was clear that there had to be some background grunt work holding the whole thing together. This behind the scenes grunt work...Read More
Above: Illustration by Mice Hell.  Noonan’s permanently constipated looking head might have shuffled off the political coil but what kinda nonsense economic policy has he left us with? Ireland’s corporate free for all, otherwise known as a foreign direct investment strategy model has been undermined by the EU commission’s damning report into Apple. Reports of a 26% growth in GDP have little basis in the actual productive economy of the state, and the term “leprechaun economics” has been coined to summate the shambles. Sean Finnan takes us through whether any of this is actually sustainable and asks what lies at...Read More