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AirBnb Goes Beyond The Pale.

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The Government has recently seen fit to admit AirBnb is a massive problem with regards to the housing crisis. However, Eoghan Murphy has already claimed that any regulations will probably only apply to Dublin – this is even more shortsighted than you’d think. Patrick McCusker got looking at the facts to explore just how bad an influence AirBnb really is having outside Dublin.

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Body And Soulless?

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Body and Soul announced a partnership with AirBnB last week igniting a flood of reaction online. Why? Well last week, online petition pushers Uplift delivered a petition of over 150,000 signatures to AirBnB HQ as a response to their operations in the Occupied Territories. ┬áNot to mention the role AirBnB is playing in creating a more harsh rental market in cities like Dublin. Last time we checked, music festivals were … Read More