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Monkey Magic.

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Guerilla Studios stakes a claim to be the studio for underground bands in Dublin. Bit Thompson caught up with John ‘Spud’ Murphy and asked why they set up a recording studio when the arse has fallen out of the industry.   Well, how’s it going? So tell me how youse got started in the recording business? Well it started when I was in a band called Ilya K and we’d … Read More

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Two F-ing Bs

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Open any encyclopaedia on Ireland and invariably you will find two of Dublin’s finest wordweavers, Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan, either on the same page or opposite pages eyeballing one another. Alan O’Brien takes a look at two Dubliners whose backgrounds couldn’t contrast any more entirely.

Beckett spent his childhood in the sleepy-affluent and sheltered area of Foxrock. Behan, had his formative years in the overcrowded Dublin metropolis of the 1920s and hungry 30s. Beckett’s education was of the highest standard a well-to-do Protestant family could expect; attending Miss Elsners Academy, the Royal Portora, Enniskillen and Trinners. While Behan’s education was of the highest standard a working-class family with Irish-republican politics (that was as much of a staple diet as tea, bread and margarine) could expect; attending William Street Convent, St. Canices Christian Brothers, Bolton Street Tech and Jail.

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#rabbleEye: Dragana Jurisic

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Glimpses Of A Lost World   Dragana Jurisic’s journey as a photographer began when her family apartment was consumed with fire, taking with it her father’s output as a die hard amateur photographer. She was left with nothing but fleeting memories of her childhood in war torn Yugoslavia. She speaks of how “on that day I became one of those ‘refugees’ with no photographs, with no past. Indeed, my memories … Read More

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Something For The Weekend.

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Friday feelings, lunch time beers and counting down the clock? We’ve got some parties that you’ll regret not paying any attention to this election day. First up tonight is Irish techno label Vision Collector’s party in Filmbase. Their manifesto includes starting early and finishing late. Highlights: Jon Hussey and Doug Cooney. How are they going to pay for it all? A fifteen euro door tax. The alternative? Move D and … Read More

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Keep The Recovery Going.

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Ah yes, the day after another once in a generation demonstration (though they seem to be adding up of late) and our mainstream pisstake of a print press betrays its regime loyalties and carried barely a mention of #RightToChange. Surprised?  Nah, neither were we – and neither are most other folks. Emily McGardle’s a fourth year art student and is working on her final year project. She’s picking up on … Read More

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Listen To DJ Spoko.

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Special Edition EP by DJ Spoko Remember a millions years ago, there was an absolute blow up track called Township Funk by DJ Mujava? One that riddled dancefloors with a propulsive pitched up hum and carnival drum patterns. And then no more? Well, DJ Spoko is one of the earliest exponents of this hyped up South African kwaito sound and has been putting out a steady stream of releases over the … Read More

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Divide and Conquer.

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The Great Wall is a studied meditation on the nature of borders in the 21st Century. On one side we have the towering urban powerhouses of capital and on the other the wretched of the earth. Throw in a chilling soundtrack, stunning cinematics, a riff on Franz Kafka and you’ve a work that puts a dose of dystopian shits right up ya. Rashers Tierney had a tick for tack with  the … Read More

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Wake The Folk Up.

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Belfast born Harry Bradley’s flute playing has garnered huge praise, not to mention the 2014 Gradam Ceoil musician of the year award. He’s also probably one of the only Irish musicians you’re likely to find sporting a Subhumans t-shirt while teaching kids. Mícheál Platano caught up with the man for a quick chat about tunes, punk rock and how Gaelier-than-thou theocrats fucked up trad. Apparently, Martin Carthy, the English folk … Read More