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Feet On The Street!

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This is the fourth annual march and activists are stressing the need to repeal the 8th amendment as a matter of urgency.

The march from the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square to Merrion Square is a family-friendly event and there will be various activities to suit everyone afterwards from picnics to art exhibitions and of course shnakey pints.

See you there.

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Women To Blame.

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This weekend (after the March for Choice) you can catch an exhibition documenting the struggle to oppose the 8th Amendment. Over four decades, women in Ireland have been subject to repression, shaming and criminal sanctions in their attempts to express their sexuality and reproductive rights. Women’s bodies have been the subject of Tribunals, Referendums, accusations and censorship. Women to Blame visually represents the events before, during and after the Eighth … Read More

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Abortion Ship Doctor Slams Irish Policy.

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News broke over the weekend that a woman was forced to bear her rapist’s child having been denied an abortion after going on hunger strike. Tracy Brown Hamilton chatted to Rebecca Gomperts of Woman On Waves about how Ireland’s laws are failing women.   Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, 47,  is the founder and director of Women on Waves, an organization that, among other things sails a ship to countries where pregnancy termination is prohibited and offers … Read More

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Humiliating Turnout for Youth Defence in Belfast.

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Youth Defence are on the move. Not too far unfortunately. Oireachtas Retort has a look at their day out.   Back in 2012, our intrepid photographer had great fun outside the Dáil I have never been challenged so often at any demonstration as this evening as to whom I ‘represent’, which paper, and do I know the truth about the story. While being herded around the big screens carrying a … Read More

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The Iona Mind

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Are we living in an Ireland of two halves? One looking towards a future of equal rights for all, free from the clutches of a church bathed in controversy, the other with more of a medieval take on things: anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-choice. Oireachtas Retort investigates the proportions and finds that it appears to be the minority making the most noise.   It would be easy to think of the Iona … Read More

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Yanking For Jesus

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So it’s marching season once again. The Vigil 4 Life is taking place tomorrow at Merrion Square albeit with less hype than previous years. We thought we’d have a quick look at the support online and it’s surprisingly non-native! The official Twitter account is @NatVigil4Life and has been quiet for almost a year. It cranked up again 9 days ago with a few tweets about free buses for the elderly … Read More

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Irish Far-Right Targets Pro-Choice Supporters

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   Reports of far-right involvement in last year’s two ‘Rally for Life’ events have proven to be correct. Here we document some disturbing online evidence (see gallery) of far-right nationalists identifying, tracking and indirectly threatening pro-choice activists. “People from all walks of life attended the Rally for Life in Dublin. A path to a better Ireland, national reconstruction.” This video of the Rally For Life is published by someone calling … Read More

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LIVE: Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013

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The Dáil will return to discuss Report and Final Stages It was originally scheduled to conclude at 9pm but after objections to a guillotine session, it will be allowed to go past midnight before voting. Lucinda Creighton (FG), Peter Mathews (FG) and a few nobodies are thought to be amongst the 6 FG reps considering voting with their ‘conscience’ against the wishes of their constituents and the whip. Also in … Read More

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While you were chanting. A strange arrest on O’Connell St.

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The young man whose arrest featured in a video we were sent on Saturday, which went somewhat viral, has published his account of the events. We have had lots of requests for updates on this story. Here we post his report and a link to the full text: At around 2:45 PM, on Saturday the 6th of July, I was standing on O’Connell Street at the counter demo to Youth … Read More