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Great Moments In Satire.

In Blog, Politics by Rashers Tierney1 Comment

We’re no fans of staid platform speakers here at rabble.  That said, some of us did our time arguing the toss over Kronstadt and elections in the kitchen at parties. No wonder then that the Great Moments In Leftism comic tickles our funny bone. So, who are you? A bunch of embittered old anarcho-punks, closet hipsters? I can smell the primitivism from your use of the term ‘leftism?’ The CIA sowing discord? I … Read More

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rabble Recommends: Some Bukes With Pickshurs

In Blog, Culture, Humour, Illustration by Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Liam Geraghty and Craig O’Connor are two spectacled comic nerds with an addiction to DIY media, and eh comics. We like their sort in this parish. Their babies called The Comic Cast, and it recently underwent a revamp in the production stakes.  Usually it features a host of commentators from the graphic world and general chit chat. Aprils edition just hit the interwebz. Fans of rabble might note that we’re always … Read More

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Too Old For The Playground, Too Young For The Pub.

In #rabble2, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by redmonk2 Comments

Too often young people’s behaviour is rubber-stamped by the media and local authorities as ‘anti-social’. Redmonk talks to a bunch of teenagers in Blanchardstown and finds that they are struggling with the internalisation of their own demonisation. By being force-fed the phrase ‘anti-social behaviour’ they now believe this phrase exclusively applies to youth.

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{Housing} Landlord Horror Stories.

In #rabble2, Highlights, Politics, Print Edition by rabble3 Comments

Ah yes, those racketeering parasites that cream it in from your rent receipts while you live in a ramshackle hovel. rabble assembled this collection of tales to chill your spine. “It was so cold that when I plugged in my phone to charge in my bedroom it said ‘will not charge at this temperature’. As it came into Summer, a horrific smell filled the flat; we sourced it coming from … Read More

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{Comics} Now Now Stolen Cow: The Cattle Raid of Cooley Comic.

In Blog, Culture, History, Interviews by Kev Squires26 Comments

Belfast comic creator Patrick Brown has just released the fifth print issue of his epic webcomic The Cattle Raid of Cooley. Patrick has been publishing roughly a page per week since August 2008, and his interpretation of one of Ireland’s most famous folk legends, the Táin Bó Cúailnge, now boasts 140 pages. To mark the release, Kevin Squires interviewed Patrick for

{Comics} Irish Comics on the Web: Five of the Best

In Blog, Culture, Illustration by Kev Squires3 Comments

1. The Cattle Raid of Cooley by Patrick Brown Currently standing at 140 pages online, this is an ambitious project that has been published every Wednesday for over three years. Self scripted and hand drawn in a rough and ready – but highly effective – manner, this is an outstanding body of work. If you like it, you should support the artist and buy the print editions.       2. Between Worlds by … Read More