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AirBnb Goes Beyond The Pale.

In Blog, Politics by Patrick McCusker1 Comment

The Government has recently seen fit to admit AirBnb is a massive problem with regards to the housing crisis. However, Eoghan Murphy has already claimed that any regulations will probably only apply to Dublin – this is even more shortsighted than you’d think. Patrick McCusker got looking at the facts to explore just how bad an influence AirBnb really is having outside Dublin.

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Are You Afraid Of The Darko?

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Ireland’s longest running techno night, Bastardo Electrico, is turning 14 this Saturday. To celebrate they’ve booked Wolfskuil bossman Tripeo/Darko Esser for Saturday the 24th in Cyprus Avenue. In anticipation of the event Jasper Mathews caught up with Tripeo for a bit of a chinwag.

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Set To Skirmish?

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On the rabble horizon this Friday is a gig run by the lovely folk at Skirmish! They’ll be poking their head in here now and then to remind us of the goings on in the Irish music scene so tune in to stay updated on all the beats and pieces coming out of studios and bedrooms across the country. September calls for lashings of the good stuff and Skirmish have … Read More

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#rabbleReeks: Rebel City Raps.

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Here’s a documentary called Rebellious Messengers – The Sound of Cork Rap that just popped up on our feeds. It’s the usual litany of bedroom producers, young MCs and cheap technological toys that allowed a Leeside scene to blossom. Interviews come from scene stalwarts such as DJ Stevie G and a whole lot more. Much like Limerick, the role of local arts courses gets a mention in equipping the burgeoning … Read More

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Nama’s Cultural Dividend.

In Blog, Culture by Rashers Tierney10 Comments

Not content with inflating rent prices across Dublin by selling off apartment complex after apartment complex to our new absentee landlords – Real Estate Investment Trusts – NAMA is now in frightening the bejaysus out of Cork’s artistic community. The people involved in the Camden Palace arts centre are urgently seeking public support and are fearful for the survival of their building.  NAMA has recently become the new landlord of their … Read More

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Flatley’s Horn Nicked By Gang

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Twinkle-toed multi-millionaire Michael Flatley disturbed a gang of thieves on Sunday night at his Cork mansion. The gang is believed to have gotten away with valuables worth hundreds of thousands of euro including a rhino horn! Flatley allegedly has a ‘Hunting Room’ which did include a mounted rhino trophy with horn. Reports breaking tonight imply that armed Gardaí are in pursuit of the same gang.

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Ballyhea, Ho – Let’s Go!

In #rabble7, Culture, Film, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by Rashers Tierney1 Comment

  An attempted military coup led Donncha Ó Briain to produce the acclaimed Chavez: Inside The Coup. He’s back with a new documentary that traces the humdrum of those rare Irish social movements fighting against austerity. Rashers Tierney quizzes him on it .   Peripheral Vision is the title of the documentary. Can you tell me where that came from? It seems to suggest that the sort of movements you … Read More

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It’s not Prendeville but Corkonians who are racist.

In Blog, Culture, Sport by Fedayn24 Comments

In an interesting twist to the ongoing debate about Neil Prendeville’s latest foray into the immigration debate, UTV has offered it’s support for the controversial shock-jock and blamed Cork listeners for racist overtones. rabble contacted UTV Radio, which holds the broadcasting licence for Cork96FM – Prendeville’s station – following the controversy which was whipped up by Prendeville on Tuesday night when he posted this on the station’s Facebook page – The … Read More

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Fianna Fáil Councillor hires fake hitman for 3 murders

In Blog, Politics by Fedayn3 Comments

Like something from a Hollywood screenplay (we’re thinking Will Ferrell not Tom Cruise). The reports emerging from Cork during the last week have been intriguing, maddening and laughable in turn. Garry O’Flynn the former Cork City Councillor and born and bred Fianna Fáiler has been charged with soliciting a named person to murder accountant Patrick Sweeney, Revenue official George Ross and Det Garda Mary Skehan. Like every good Fianna Fáiler he … Read More