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Independent TD Mick Wallace revealed new allegations made by a retired garda, Jack Doyle, in a 27 page dossier and called for the Government to appoint a new Garda chief from outside the country. The Irish Examiner reported that: Mr Doyle said a drug runner had told him there were opportunities to arrest the boss of a criminal gang but they failed to do so because “they have a senior Garda in their … Read More

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The Ombudsman’s False Teeth.

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An Garda Siochana and GSOC. They don’t like each other, right? You would expect this type of relationship between the police and a body tasked to tackling police abuses and corruption. Immediately after allegations of GSOC’s surveillance surfaced, teeth were bared, fur flew and blood was drawn. Mark Malone takes stock of the scrap. The commissioner and Alan Shatter both came out with statements riddled with half truths. But after … Read More

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Undercover Gardaí Follow TD And Whistleblower At GSOC

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Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan was escorting a Garda whistleblower to GSOC offices today when he became aware of an undercover Garda car tailing them. Stopping at a café opposite GSOC on Abbey St in Dublin’s northside inner city, the TD’s companion noticed the Garda car watching them. He went to see what was going on and when he walked down the street the car followed him. A source told rabble that … Read More

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See Ye All In Coppers

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      The visits of her Maj and Barack O’Bama saw thousands of Gardaí loll about an empty city centre for days on end and a policing bill of over €35m. In contrast the heavy policing of serious violence in Northern Ireland’s ‘Fleg’ disputes saw a total cost of £15m. Why so much here? Figures released in Northern Ireland showed a total policing cost of £15.6m over the two … Read More

Uh Oh

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Angela Kerins of REHAB going head to head with Mary Lou in the Public Accounts Committee. Somebody stop her! At least take that shovel away before she digs a hole all the way to Oz.

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#rabbleRaker: Watching The Detectives

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Ten things you need to know about GSOC, Alan Shatter and the Gardaí. Oireachtas Retort provides the skinny. 1) In 1997 Kieran Boylan was sentenced to serve more than seven years for the possession of cannabis in England. In 2001 Boylan was convicted of theft and dangerous driving. 2) In 2003 Boylan obtained an international haulage license from the Dept of Transport after Gardaí provided information which suggested that he … Read More

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Look Back In Anger

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[su_youtube url=””] Senator Eoghan Harris (appointed by Bertie Ahern) continues to write for the Sunday Indo. It’s almost as though we get the journalists we vote for. We’re revisiting the recent past in the next few weeks with similar vid clips that have slipped from our collective consciousness. Lest They Be Forgotten. Ursula Hannigan: But is it ok for politicians to take money from businessmen? Eoghan Harris: But where’s the … Read More

Nato 3 Stooges

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The court case of three inept stoners who were set up as terrorists by undercover Chicago PD has become the stage for a fascinating drama as the US’s systemic abhorrence of protest is laid bare.   Three stoner youths who were trying to impress a female under cover cop with stories of bravado yet failed on repeated efforts to master Google or to leave the house ‘until my weed guy … Read More

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blood on the floor

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“I don’t believe you Mr. Conlon.” Mary Lou McDonald destroys Brian Conlan during the Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the finances of the Central Remedial Clinic. It’s fecking car crash television, they have been caught talking through their hoop and the senators smell bullshit and blood and are going for the kill. A former chief executive, Paul Kiely,  of the Central Remedial Clinic received a total retirement package of around €700,000, the … Read More

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Advance Scambridge

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For our younger readers – that disgraceful JobBridge scam is not the 1st time Advance Pitstop have been in the news. Garda corruption was highlighted in 2001 when an investigation was launched into how Advance Pitstop won contracts for Garda tyre-supply and subsequently charged well above their initial tenders, eventually having to return some £100k from the £2.1m spent between ’98-2001. Holidays. Advance Pitstop took Garda civilian fleet manager Oliver … Read More