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The Life of Reilly

In #rabble5, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Edition by P Kolbe1 Comment

Over the last 20 years, oversight for Ireland’s public health has rested in the hands of many prime advertisements of healthy lifestyles. P. Kolbe takes a look. Brian Cowen and Michael Noonan reigned in the 1990s – men whose figures were honed by life-long dedication to strenuous pint-swilling regimes. At the turn of the millennium Michael Martin provided a break from the tradition of clinical obesity as the primary qualification … Read More

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Tesco will destroy you

In Blog, Culture, Politics by Fedayn4 Comments

Two very timely stories hit the press today. In light of the horseburger scandal that has prompted an apology to customers from Tesco Ireland it is maddening to read that a new Tesco has been given planning permission in Cavan despite an Bord Pleanála’s own inspector finding against permission on three specific grounds. Cavan town already has 41 vacant, street-facing shop units. Building a massive Tesco that towers 20 metres above … Read More

Sunday Screen: Charles Haughey Parading

In Blog, History, Humour, Politics by Rashers Tierney4 Comments

Here’s an old documentary of Charles Haughey parading around Ireland like the top notch prick he was. It’s a sure fire way to ruin that Sunday morning. We’d advise watching with extreme care. This video nasty came to us via Conor McCabe. He had this to say on it. “Charles Haughey’s documentary on how fabulously wealthy he was. Made in the 1980s it has Haughey flaunting his wealth while telling … Read More

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Garda corruption may have led to at least 9 deaths

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  An extraordinary story revealed into today’s Irish Independent has thrown the Dept. of Justice into panic mode. A whistleblowing Garda has exposed mass fraud of the penalty points system, documenting 50,000 cases which may have been deleted from the PULSE computer system. ‘Pillars of Society’ have had their points quashed include and in at least nine cases highlighted in the dossier, a motorist who had their points quashed went … Read More

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#rabbleRaker: Ireland’s Greatest Cover-Up?

In Blog, History, Politics by Fedayn31 Comments

  What happened on the night of 8th July 1985 and is it still being covered up? At a meeting of the Oireachtas Justice Committee, convened to hear the views of Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan on all aspects of crime, TD Finian McGrath tried to raise the case of Fr.Niall Molloy. He was ruled out of order by chair David Stanton (FG TD Cork East). The committee went into closed … Read More

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Singing in the Pain

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  We’re laughing too much to write about this one so we’ll leave it to Brian Stokes’ blog here  but the precis being that Clare County Scoundrels Council want €18,000 to record a song written by Peter Keane about the Gathering coming to Clare. FOR F*CK’S SAKE! How’s that Household Charge working out for ye there?

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

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    A dramatic case has found District Court Judge Heather Perrin guilty of deceiving an elderly client in to leaving half his estate to her family. She was shocked and amazed following the finding, as no doubt we will be when Shatter announces there is no way he can have her removed from the bench or touch her pension. A question that isn’t being asked by the press is what … Read More