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Being Seán.

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Above: A still of Seán and an iconic United Irishman cover. Check out the trailer for the documentary which is being premiered on Tuesday May 15th in the Sugar Club. Tickets available here. Seán Garland is one of the giants of Irish republicanism. As a young man he bore the slain body of the mythologized Sean South after the  Brookeborough raid during the Border Campaign. He led a life that put … Read More

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The Other Republican Congress.

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Republican Congress? No not that farce in the States you numpty. This is all about the 1930’s entity led by the likes of Peadar O’Donnell and Frank Ryan. You might recall hearing something about clashes at a Bodenstown commemoration when its Shankill Branch unfurled a banner reading “Unite Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter to break the connection with Capitalism”. It’s directed by Donal Higgins and you can follow its progress on … Read More

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Going Dutch.

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Struggle & Emerge by Lakker In the summer of 2015, Lakker got involved in a conceptual project looking at the Dutch’s relationship with water. Working with the RE:VIVE Institute, they were locked into a limited but expansive set of material from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. They also met a tonne of experts on the theme at hand. The above doc captures some of that process. There’s a website … Read More

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Lonely This Christmas.

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Here’s a new five minute documentary from the Migrant Rights Centre that tracks the experiences of two undocumented workers.  One happens to be an Irish man in New York city and the other is a female childminder from the Philippines based in Dublin. Here’s how the press release from the MRCI describes the project: “In the documentary short Half the World Away: Undocumented in Dublin and New York, Patrick and … Read More

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Something For The Weekend.

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  Halloween is always huge. Here’s a hot tip for a more sober and cerebral weekend than running around in a mangle with glitter and fake blood on your face.  It’s the second instalment of the Feminist Film Festival. Given the weekend that’s in it there’s a dose of horror going down on Saturday in the New Theatre with a discussion around one of our favorite cinematic ghost stories of … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Conventos De Vergüenza.

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Conventos De Vergüenza is a documentary produced by French filmmakers in 1998 with a title that translates as convents of shame. It reveals through interviews with survivors how tens of thousands of ordinary young women and girls were condemned to exile within their own country, Ireland. Most of them were ‘unmarried mothers’, many others orphans. In the eyes of the Catholic Ireland of their time, they were sinners. One of the interviewees, a woman called … Read More

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#rabbleReels: The Untold Truths

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Here’s a trailer for ‘La Violencia’ – an upcoming feature length documentary that looks at the history of violence against women in the Guatemala, particularly the plight of indigenous Mayan women. Despite a 36-year armed conflict having come to a close (with the loss of 200,000 lives), it remains one of the most dangerous countries on the planet for females, with 771 women losing their lives in 2013 alone due … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Robert Burns – The People’s Poet

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It’s Burns Night and we’ve linked a BBC Documentary about his life as well as a couple of other pieces of interest. He was a man ahead of his time in many ways, his influence more widespread than might be imagined. Called the ‘People’s Poet’ by Russian peasants, he wrote ‘The Rights of Woman’ before the French Revolution and Bob Dylan regards him as his inspiration. Burns had some Irish … Read More

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Ballyhea, Ho – Let’s Go!

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  An attempted military coup led Donncha Ó Briain to produce the acclaimed Chavez: Inside The Coup. He’s back with a new documentary that traces the humdrum of those rare Irish social movements fighting against austerity. Rashers Tierney quizzes him on it .   Peripheral Vision is the title of the documentary. Can you tell me where that came from? It seems to suggest that the sort of movements you … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Easter viewing for rabblers

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A long weekend with apocalyptic weather and ‘insufficient funds’ on the drink-link may see you join us on the couch under a duvet. You’re welcome. Here’s a cracking site with some brilliant docs that we’ll be stuck to. Everything from Berkely in the Sixties to the evolution of electronic music. No need for us to list them, just browse and enjoy.