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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble8

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The Session Pixies are on their hols in Wesht Mayo, tucking into a stash of 30 grand’s worth of Jameson they found but they’ve taken the time out from donkey-walloping, pipe-burstin’ and cop-baitin’ to offer some life hacks to you poor misfortunates.     Dear Session Pixies, Does anyone ever actually write in to you? Yours, Eoin Do they fuck, we are now accepting our competitors letters, first up Ireland’s … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: Dancing On Narrower Ground

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Belfast might not be synonymous with sweaty dancefloors and top-notch line-ups, but a fledgling scene has taken root and is dancing to the beat of its own drum. Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir dishes up the ravey gravy. If your knowledge of dance music and Belfast doesn’t extend further than the live news cycle, you might be surprised to find there’s more to it than dodgy pills and drunken teenagers fighting at … Read More

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They Called It Acieed.

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Rashers Tierney chats to Piers Sanderson. He’s the director of a documentary about the early 1990’s Blackburn rave scene that saw a generation find wholly new uses for warehouses in the hard hit North of England. The presence of Thatcherism hangs heavy in your trailer for your doc. Tell me what life up north was like under her Iron fist? Was rave a political response in a sense or more … Read More

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Tackling The Drug War On The Home Front.

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Throwing all jokes about students and sensible drug consumption aside, Students For Sensible Drug Policy Ireland are set to challenge the state’s prescriptive strictures on drug use.Rashers Tierney catches up with Seán Lynch. He’s a founding member of the group and it’s their first conference this weekend. You lot represent the Irish wing of a more international movement. Can ye tell me how you got set up here and what the aims of … Read More

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What’s In Yer Baggy?

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With the rise of EDM stateside came the increased use of chemical enhancers. In steps the Bunk Police, they’re probs the only coppers you wouldn’t mind showing up at your rave and telling you what’s in your baggy.  Rashers Tierney fields them a few questions. There seemed to be more caution around pill use years ago than now. There was a much more heightened awareness of the need for pill/drug testing in … Read More

#rabbleReels: The War At Home

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  The award winning documentary The House I Live In travels the US in search of answers to questions about the War on Drugs and what it has done to America. Since 1971 the War on Drugs has cost at least $1Trillion and $45 million arrests. In reality it is a war on America’s poor. There are over 2.3 million Americans in prison, many on mandatory sentencing for minor drug violations … Read More

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#rabbleEye: The Ninth Floor.

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A stunning photography project by documentary maker Jessica Dimmock gives a visceral insight into the life of drug addicts in lower Manhattan. The Ninth Floor. The Ninth Floor documents a group of addicts who moved into the apartment of a former millionaire in a wealthy neighbourhood in downtown Manhattan. Joe Smith, in his mid 60s, allowed a young addict to move into a spare bedroom in his large three-bedroom apartment … Read More

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Mission Impossible: Scientologists reduce drug-crime by 85% in Ireland!

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Scientologist loon claims they are behind an “an 85% drop in drug-related crime”. David Miscavige is the main-iac and global leader of these Abbey Street-residing flutes who claim to have captured a foothold here, selling books to at least one percent of the population and reducing crime without any evidence. But sure you can prove anything with ‘facts’. During the video, a clips alleges to show a broadcast from Irish … Read More

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Illicit and Licensed Pleasures.

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With Author’s Day hype reaching boiling point, many are quick to draw the line that corporations like Diageo are just legalised dope peddlers. That notion of illicit and licensed pleasures is explored in the work of Fiona Measham, a Professor of Criminology in Durham University and a pioneer of testing club chemicals in the UK. Measham sits on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs across the pond and … Read More

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Eh It’s Called Harm Reduction…

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More tragic deaths and more media hysterics as another pill scare hits the North. Interesting to note how the media approach to all this is playing into fear mongering on a local level, with the danger  it’ll chip away at any other advice youth services are giving out. There are other approaches. Here’s a wee video doling out some practical common sense.  It’s produced by the Global Drug Survey. They’re the … Read More