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The Rhymes Of History.

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I don’t really know enough about the contemporary aspirations of planning culture now to comment. But if you look at Milton Keynes in the UK as a prime example of 60’s utopianism, its history is hilarious. I got given a tour about 10 years ago, when I was looking to do a project there. Its original planners were entrenched in new-age ideology. They even sited its main artery, Midsummer Boulevard, on the axis of the summer solstice sunrise.

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The Real Sounds of Dublin.

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Dublin’s RLSD Records are no strangers to the scene having conducted courses in production and DJing on the regular for the past few years. This week however saw the release of their first bit of wax. Jasper Matthews caught up with one half of the label, Doug Cooney, for a chat about the release and how it and RLSD came to be. Fair dues on the release, tis sounding tasty, … Read More

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A Tale Of Bloody-Minded Tenacity.

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When was Pallas formed?

Pallas was formed in 1996 when myself and Brian Duggan located a building on Foley Street. It was an old knitwear factory called Pallas Knitwear so after a bit of pre-ambling about a few different names we decided on Pallas because Pallas was the goddess of the muses, the goddess of intellect and the goddess of war. We knew we were going to be in for a rough ride so we wanted her on our side.

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Doin’ It For The Kids.

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  An all ages afternoon punk gig is all set for the 4th of June at Boh’s bar, Dalymount park. A summertime Saturday afternoon all ages gig with the mighty Rats Blood, Sissy and next gen bands Xylem and Arboreal Lung will be kicking off at 1pm on the 4th, with a portion of proceeds going to Bohemians Youth Development. Entrance is 10 euro. Bring the nippers!

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Pushed Off The Block.

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BLOCK T is an independent artistic enterprise and one stop shop for all things creative. It was based in Smithfield from 2010 until March of this year. Unable to get a long term lease in Smithfield, they have now moved to Dublin 8. Martin Leen caught up with co-founder and managing director Laura Dovn to talk about the challenges of running a space such as BLOCK T.

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Euro FundIt.

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Due to fleet replacement, Dublin Bus is flogging some of its double deckers. We’re thinking of starting a FundIt and decorating one of these bad boys for a trip to France for the Euros in June. After serious investigations (ebay search) we reckon we could nail one for around ten grand. The Bohs crew hit Poland in a couple of beauties they refurbished back in 2014, so we’re thinking we could squeeze twenty … Read More

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What’s The Story?

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Cast your mind back to the RTE leaders debate. RBB was being grilled by Claire Byrne on crime and he mentioned how government cuts had wrecked havoc to a youth project in his area? Well, Oasis had a demonstration today and there’s a short video capturing it all. Trade Union TV posted it about an hour ago saying: “There was a protest against the cuts to the Oasis youth project … Read More

Flat Whites and Fascism.

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Spotted on Manor St in Stoneybatter yesterday. Report at if you see any of these nasties lying around. Or better yet rip them down. Read our take on the Irish far right here.  

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Insert Cake Pun Here.

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Bit Thorn caught up with the Jimmy Cake about their new album ‘Master’ to find what the hell took so long this time round, and received a rather large slice of reflection on the state of the realities facing musicians today in the process. Second helpings? Yes please… So, the Jimmy Cake, you’ve just released your new album ‘Master’ which has been about 5 years in the making. Firstly, I … Read More

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They’re Looting The Town!

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While historical re-enactments are all the rage in this ‘Decade of Centenaries’, and we have seen everything from Ulster Volunteer Forces rallies to Fenian funerals re-enacted by enthusiastic historical societies, it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone recreate the looting of Noblett’s sweet shop come 24 April 2016. Donal Fallon has this tale of proletarian shopping in the rare auld times. Somewhat at odds with the popular narrative of the Easter Rising, … Read More