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Put Em Under Pressure: Fighting The Frackers.

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    Familiar with fracking? That super-safe (and fun!) method of producing magic energy by pumping tasty drinks into the ground? Ok, fair enough, we’re only messing! Thankfully there are many in Ireland who aren’t messing when it comes to resisting the faceless frackers. Jamie Goldrick investigates. Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon, Fermanagh, Cavan, Clare and Kerry County Councils have all passed motions calling for county wide bans on fracking, following … Read More

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Dome Alone.

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  Been out in Rialto lately? You might be wondering why there’s a cold war era listening post off Reuben Street. Fear not! Tis only Dublin’s first geodesic dome, the centrepiece of the capital’s latest community gardenproject. Rashers tierney spoke with two of its four creators Jamie Roche and Niall O’Brien. I remember a wet horrible day at a protest camp against George Bush’s visit back in 2004, me and … Read More

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Any One For A Game Of Phrogger?

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  Battling up Constitution Hell on a bike at rush hour is a right nightmare. Not to be out done, when you reach the top you have the manic hell of Doyle’s Corner to contend with. It all gets a little Froggr with cars speeding through the lights each time they turn.  Looks like someone is finally doing something to highlight it. Following on from a discussion in the summer, the … Read More

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One Day A Rain Is Going To Come.

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As more flash flooding caught the city unawares this morning, we took out our unsteadi-cam while walking the dog and captured some of the flood waters hurtling through Griffith Park. The Tolka river is usually as quiet as a mouse but when heavy rains come, it turns into something out of a white water rafting adventure brochure. Back in 2002 the Shelbourne Soccer Club saw extensive damage to its Tolka Park ground, … Read More

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#LookUp: Raising The Standard.

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  Phibsboro Shopping Centre is one of Dublin’s most domineering buildings. Rashers Tierney writes about the fortress of pre-cast grey concrete that haunts the horizons of D7. One of the advantages of this towering behemoth of late 1960’s brutalist architecture is how it frames the old village of Phibsborough in partnership with the lights of Dalymount. So, it’s near impossible to get lost or misdirect eegits home. You see those … Read More

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There Will Be No Pipelines.

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  First Nations resistance in Canada. The Unist’ot’en tribe patrol their territory and on finding a helicopter and exploratory crew working for TransCanada, they evict them and warn them not to come back.   The north American aboriginal tribes are to the forefront in resisting gas & oil exploitation that is wreaking havoc across that continent. In this video, a masked warrior calmly explains to crew illegally working on tribe … Read More

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Garden’s Where D8 Is.

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Activists from the Tom Kelly Flats in Dublin’s Charlemount Street are dismayed over a suspected attack on a community garden. The grounds the garden were established on had been ignored by Dublin City Council.  Speaking to the Dublin 8 Housing Action Committee page, Tony Nicoletti said: “Myself and some family members together with other residents decided to start up the community garden as a project.The project quickly gained support and we moved … Read More

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#spareChange: Happy As A Pig In Shit.

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Pull on a pair of crusty old boots and get all willy wonka with us as we chat to Thomas Smith about edible landscapes, homemade toasters and much more from the world of permaculture. Thomas is involved in The Happy Pig. It’s a potential free space being set up by a bunch of heads with  a 3-acre small holding way out Wesht. With promises of free booze our ears piqued … Read More

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#rabbleEarth: Piechart Latest

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  James Powell’s illuminating study showing 99% of peer-reviewed scientific papers accept man-made climate change has been updated. 99.99% of peer-reviewed papers on Climate Change between Nov 2012 & Dec 2013 accepted man-made climate change. 1 paper did not. I have brought my previous study (see here and here) up-to-date by reviewing peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals over the period from Nov. 12, 2012 through December 31, 2013. I found 2,258 articles, written by … Read More

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#rabbleEarth: Who Funds Climate Change Deniers?

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As extreme weather becomes the norm it is long past time that man-made climate change was accepted as a scientific fact. Drexel University researchers did a little digging to see who is funding the propaganda behind climate change denial. The Young Turks take a look at the researchers’ findings, the money trail is clear and it goes right to the top of (principally American) politics. “A study by Drexel University … Read More