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Notes On Rave In Dublin.

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Some of us rabblers have been squirreled away putting the final gloss on this 100 minute feature length documentary about Dublin’s original rave generation. What’s it about? Well, I guess it maps the mood and movement of those who caught a buzz for dance music and watched particular cultural explosion happen in the city across the 1990s and into the early 2000s. A measure of rose tinted nostalgia served with a hint of dread. This has been something of a side project over the past while, hammering away at it in peaks and troughs over the years. Originating as a … Read More

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Film Review: Blah Blah Land.

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  Benny Profane finds the world somehow tricking him into thinking he might actually enjoy a light-hearted, romantic-musical starring Ryan Gosling more disappointing than Trump’s election and a greater betrayal than the passing of Brexit. Here’s his review of La La Land… The trailer had irked me but the hype, awards and opinions of everyone else compelled me to go into this film with not just an open mind but actual positive expectations. On paper it had little going for it, but the brilliance of Whiplash held out the promise of something original and imaginative. Instead what transpired was a … Read More

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Films To Gaze At.

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The Gaze International LGBT Film Festival Dublin returns to the Lighthouse Cinema this bank holiday weekend, Mog Kavanagh has lined up some recommendations… 1. Viva. Paddy Breathnach rides the crest of this current wave of quality Irish cinema with Viva, a film about a young aspiring drag queen in Cuba. Viva won the audience award at the Dublin International Film Festival, definitely worth a watch!  Catch it on Friday 29th July, at 8:30pm.     2. Girls Lost. Girls Lost is on Saturday the 30th July at 6:30pm. This looks mad, in the best way possible. A surreal genderqueer fairytale … Read More

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Green Ribbon Month.

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May is Green Ribbon month, when people wear green ribbons to show they’re thinking about, and willing to talk about, mental health. There are many films out there that focus on mental health, often very ignorantly, sometimes just plain offensively. So when a film like Two Days One Night comes along, it is all the more special. Two Days One Night is a film about a woman, Sandra, who returns to work after being on sick leave only to find her job is gone. Her boss strikes her a deal, if she can convince her 16 coworkers to not take … Read More

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The Reel Women Of 1916.

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  Shot in the style of the old news reels, this short film project aims to emphasis the role of women in 1916. With just days left on their Fund:it appeal, we caught up with comedian Elaine Gallagher to chat about the centenary year. Hi Elaine, so how’s the Fund:it campaign going? Fairly stressful? Hey, it’s going okay. It’s a full time job, constantly plugging the campaign and you start to feel you’re annoying people after a while but I suppose it’s all part of the process – keep informing people about it until they finally contribute and/or tell their … Read More

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Flipping The Script.

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Women are notoriously underrepresented in film, both in front of, and behind the camera. Mog Kavanagh takes a look at some festivals and film makers determined to buck the trend in Ireland.

In The U.S. in 2014, of the top 700 theatrical releases, women accounted for a mere 13% of directors, 18% of editors and 13% of writers. And the sad fact of the matter is that over the past two decades things have been getting worse.

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  Hot Docs is a mega annual documentary festival in Toronto, it’s always worth keeping an eye on for upcoming international features. Stuff like the above.  A documentary about two underground techno DJs in Iran and how they are pitted against the regime there. It’s getting an international premiere over the May weekend. Looking for some film fodder? Well being all Canadian and shit, any doc that has sailed through the festival with funding is archived online and available for public streaming. There are some acclaimed classics in there.  Squeege Punks In Traffic looks at the homeless punk scene of … Read More

Film In Fingal.

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This just popped into the inbox. One for the film makers out there. You can pop your submissions in here.

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Our Fenian Dead.

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On the anniversary of the passing of Dublin historian Shane MacThomáis (the unintended star of One Million Dubliners), some of his friends and fellow historians are hosting a screening in his honour. The documentary The Greatest of the Fenians directed by Donal Higgins, and about John Devoy, will be shown, with donations collected on the day going to Aware, a charity that support people through depression. John Devoy was a Kildare man and rebel leader, who devoted most of his life to the cause of Irish freedom. He was exiled and died in America, but his remains were brought back … Read More