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Reilly couldn’t give a f*ck

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He really doesn’t care what you think. Almost as though he is modelling himself on Brendan Grace’s frightful character, Father Stack, Reilly seems to genuinely not give a flying fuck as long as he has his fun. Here’s a beautiful letter he wrote to the people of Roscommon prior to the last election…and prior to his closing the hospital’s A&E Department. For more great political leaflets, letters and posters visit … Read More

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Athlone Art Battle

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Some media sources are incorrectly reporting that protestors in Athlone were supporting a motion being brought to the Town Council which proposes the removal of an art work from the recently opened Luan Gallery. rabble has received messages from witnesses who categorically state that all protestors both inside and outside the Council chambers (amounting to approximately 60 people) were supporting the artist, Shane Cullen. Cullen’s artwork is 15 years old … Read More

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Beep Beep! Privilege coming through!

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  Senator Fidelma Healy Eames of Fine Gael has been fined €1,850 for failing to tax her massive Merc. She wasn’t in court so her Solicitor told the judge she was ‘contrite’. It’s not the first and we guess it won’t be the last time we’ll hear of Eames in the press. She’s famous for other controversies including a row with a train ticket inspector after she failed to produce … Read More

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WTF??! €244k For A Website.

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  Terminal Four Solutions – a web services company has received €244,741.71 for “Professional services in relation to Presidency 2013 website”. At first glance it includes a link to a non-existent Youtube channel and a clunky calendar of events. If you’re going to spend a cool 1/4 of a mill on a website that will get fewer hits than an Enda Kenny pornsite why not get your legion of free … Read More