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Catching Up After.

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Above: Clare Daly speaks at a Repeal protest.  Her fiery speeches led to one of the most viral pieces of media ever rabble has ever put out. Clare Daly has been one of the few, along with Mick Wallace and Luke “Ming” Flanagan, consistently raising the cacophony of corruption in An Garda Siochana even as others around them play willful ignorance and ridicule them. rabble sent Sean Finnan along for a … Read More

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Pathetic PEGIDA.

In Blog, Highlights, politics by Ed Ludd9 Comments

Above: rabble’s footage of the fascists legging it off can be seen on Youtube.  Elsewhere, Flickr user BagelCurry shared an album of gorgeous monochrome shots from the demonstration yesterday too.   So,  after all their online bluster and hype yesterday saw a pitiful turn out from PEGIDA, while their scattered far-right sympathizers were forced to cower in the side streets of our capital. When it came down to it pathetic PEGIDA were … Read More

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To Serve And Protect.

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Dozens of Gardaí in Dublin 8 this morning to facilitate installation of water meters. In scenes recognisable throughout Dublin, in working class areas in particular, there was an early morning wave of up to forty Gardaí into Rialto St. in Dublin 8. There are reports of two arrests so far. This comes in the wake of two weeks of early morning arrests, imprisonment of 5 protestors and mass protest at Mountjoy. A … Read More

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New Boss The Same As The Old Boss.

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  Not everyone is impressed by the announcement that acting commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan is to replace her predecessor Martin Callinan as boss of the Guards. In an interview earlier this month with The Journal, Garda whistleblower John Wilson called for her to step down for the race for the position: “[…] the next Garda Commissioner “must be an outsider with no loyalty to An Garda Siochana and a person who can carry … Read More

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#soapBox: Facing Jail With Nothing Left To Lose.

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  Derek Byrne is one of 11 protestors facing a possible custodial sentence tomorrow for breaching High Court orders barring protest blocking Irish Water meter installation. Tonight he posted a message to supporters on his Facebook page: “As everyone is well aware myself and 10 others will be in court tomorrow morning to face the wrath of the Government through the corrupt judicial system . Tomorrow we will be supported by 8 … Read More

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#LookUp: Raising The Standard.

In #rabble9, Blog, Culture, History by Rashers Tierney14 Comments

  Phibsboro Shopping Centre is one of Dublin’s most domineering buildings. Rashers Tierney writes about the fortress of pre-cast grey concrete that haunts the horizons of D7. One of the advantages of this towering behemoth of late 1960’s brutalist architecture is how it frames the old village of Phibsborough in partnership with the lights of Dalymount. So, it’s near impossible to get lost or misdirect eegits home. You see those … Read More

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The Road To Nowhere.

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Between various rabble crew being on holidays or sessioning it up at Boomtown in Winchester last weekend we’re a bit slow when it comes to blogging and news aggregation right now. As a result we totally missed this slice of hip hop protest from Captain Moonlight about continued ructions in Kilkenny over the construction of a new road.  Moonlight’s  a rabble favorite and the protest ditty features his usual dogged wit and vocal … Read More

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Oh My God, They’ll Kilkenny…

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  Despite 10,000 signatories to a petition against it and newspaper polls showing 88% of locals opposed, Kilkenny Council look set to approve a controversial construction project that could ruin the medieval city. Gardaí swooped at 4am Friday morning last to ensure protestors wouldn’t block the passage of seven heavily laden trucks. This marked the first step of a project that has enraged local Kilkenny people and looks set to … Read More