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#rabbleReels: Robert Burns – The People’s Poet

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It’s Burns Night and we’ve linked a BBC Documentary about his life as well as a couple of other pieces of interest. He was a man ahead of his time in many ways, his influence more widespread than might be imagined. Called the ‘People’s Poet’ by Russian peasants, he wrote ‘The Rights of Woman’ before the French Revolution and Bob Dylan regards him as his inspiration. Burns had some Irish … Read More

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Get Medieval

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  Finbar Dwyer’s new book ‘Witches, Spies And Stockholm Syndrome’ is the Christmas Bestseller that brings medieval Ireland to life. We sat down with Finbar to find out more about murder, drink and his research   One of the first stories tells of a drunken row between Cachfren and Freysel which quickly escalates to murder. It seems drunkenness & violence existed before Love/Hate? Humans have been getting pissed and lairy … Read More

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#SpareChange: The World Is My Country.

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A new poster series sets out to celebrate people’s resistance to the First World War. Conservative nincompoop and education secretary Micheal Gove created a right old hoo-ha, across the pond recently when he blamed the comedy genius of Blackadder for creating the myth of lions led to their death by donkeys. We can expect plenty more such bollox around WW1 as the British elite lays down the groundwork for a … Read More

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As rabble’s Fund:it final push begins…we’ll be discussing putting the masses back into media! Join Us on Wednesday May 15th from 630pm.

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  Come along for a ‘rabble babble’ looking at the role and history of alternative publishing in Ireland.   Where:  White Lady Art gallery, Wellington Quay, Dublin 8. (two doors down from the Workmans…) 6:30pm – 10:30pm Wednesday, May 15th   rabble, is marking the last fortnight of its fundraising drive with a public event on Wednesday 15th May. The White Lady Art gallery plays host to an evening of … Read More

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Class Dismissed: Marking The Lock Out

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Donal Fallon looks at how some plan to commemorate an event which pitted the forces of labour and capital against each other in an unprecedented and dramatic fashion. When the next issue of rabble returns from the printers, we will be well into 2013. While the country may be plastered with billboards encouraging you to bring your ‘Uncle Sam’ home for The Gathering next year, to many of us 2013 … Read More

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Youth Defence and Short Memories.

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Bias! Censorship! Omerta! It’s been interesting to watch reaction to the Gosnell case both here and across the Atlantic. Naturally, a big effort is being made to link this to forthcoming X case legislation and this is of course typical bullshit from the very people who would, and do, drive women into dangerous situations as Carole Joffe writes in Dispatches from the abortion wars: “that such clinics can flourish until the … Read More

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A Quick History of GCN

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A great little video looking back on 25 years of Gay Community News. The Irish Queer Archive have been getting hyped on social media lately too, uploading some serious gems on their Facebook page. We came across the very first issue of GCN over there too.

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Watch Out! It Makes You Dance and Causes The Aids.

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  Fuck, synthesizers can breed? Learn the shocking truth of London’s new dancing AIDS craze. We came across this report while prowling around Pearse St archive last week. Interesting to note just how carbon copy a lot of this form of journalism is. England snorts a line and Dublin catches the headlines. The similarities with reporting on the head shop chaos springs immediately to mind. Written by Ces Cassady, it’s … Read More