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LGBT History Month And Walking Tour.

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It really is a year of commemorations. While 1913 is dominating most of the discussions we’re party to, there’s a few more historical moments worthy of attention too. 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Dublin Pride parades, and it’s also the 20th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality here. Yes, that’s right folks 1993…Jaysus. That’s a date that would shock you, were we not all left recently grappling with the … Read More

New History Group For The Batter

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Just came across this over on Facebook. A new people’s history group being established for Smithfield and Stoneybatter. Some of us rabblers get all wet with any mention of people’s history.   Who we are…. The aim of the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project is to foster an interest in the local history of our area. We believe that history is a cultural resource that grows in the sharing. … Read More

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An Interview With Come Here To Me.

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 We started CHTM! at a perfect time when blogging, social media and the idea of User Generated Content (UGC), I think, really exploded in popularity. Blogs began to be taken more seriously, Facebook offered the chance for websites to set up their own ‘pages’ for their fans to engage with and people working in history and archives began to see the benefits of utilising social media for crowdsourcing etc. We also appeared at a time when more and more older people, whether Dubliners or ex pats, started to use the web and digitize their old photos and vinyl records. At the start of 2009, there were 400k Facebook users in Ireland. It’s close to 2.5m now.

We Will Overcome…

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The term “personal assistant” in the context of Disabled people’s lives is part of the 50-year old worldwide disability movement. Rosaleen McDonagh brings you rabblers up to date about how the cuts to PA’s were defeated.

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{Clubbing} Stop, I’m Hungry for Italo.

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Since it’s inception over 5 years ago Lunar Disko, a monthly club night ran by Andy Doyle and Barry Donovan, has placed Italo Disco as one of the main reference points in their music policy. So how has this quirky European off-shoot of late 70s Disco come to find a home in the Irish capital? Kenny Hanlon’s our tour guide through it’s history.