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It’s Not Reit.

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Above: The online brochure for the Maple development from the Ires Reit website.   Ires Reit are the big bad boys of Irish property development at the moment. They’ve been hoovering up NAMA properties and bringing them to market as either luxury apartments or mad over priced student gaffs. Today Dublin Tenants Association are bringing a protest right to their door in an attempt to upset the PR around the launch of … Read More

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The Siege of Bóthar Anam.

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Marcus Maher is a writer and director currently crowdfunding for a short film project that links the current housing crisis to his experiences squatting in Liverpool in the 1990s. Rashers Tierney finds out more. The film is partially inspired by events in Liverpool in the mid-1990s. Can you fill us in on this? The city It sounds like you were right in the heart of some interesting scenes? Were you … Read More

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Community Organising Grant.

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Above: Demonstration at Apollo House last January. Photo by Thom McDermott. In our last issue, we looked at the Home Sweet Home coalition’s occupation of Apollo House and the work of the volunteers that made the occupation possible. Today, on the day that former Minister of Housing Simon Coveney promised to end the practice of Emergency Accomodation, the coalition have announced a community grant scheme. The scheme is to be … Read More

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The Adventures Of Simple Simon.

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  With a national homeless demonstration taking place this Saturday, one of our readers sent in this take on Coveney’s years at the helm of housing policy. The protest takes off 1pm tomorrow from the Custom House. Make it big.

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Reflections On Apollo.

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  As the Apollo Story progressed, most of the press attention focused on the artists, and a very small number of organisers. However, the real story of Apollo House is and always was the volunteers, over 700 of whom gave up their time to make it what it was. A stark reminder that the current housing system is broken beyond repair, and that a better world is possible. Tommy Gavin … Read More

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Under Apollo.

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Apollo House captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people across the country in a month long occupation beginning before Christmas. Activists, artists and trade unionists occupied a NAMA building in Dublin city centre in a direct confrontation with the government. Beggars takes a look at the housing network that held it all together. The Apollo House occupation organised thousands of volunteers, many of whom had no previous experience … Read More

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Left In the Cold.

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Last year playwright Alan O’Brien won the PJ O’Connor Award for Best New Radio Drama with Snow Falls and So Do We. rabble sent Sean Finnan along to chat to Alan about the play and why he refused RTÉ permission to broadcast the drama. So I guess to start with, what’s the play about? It was inspired by the death of Rachel Peavoy. When that happened I was amongst many … Read More

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The Crisis of Social Housing in Dublin.

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Much of the talk surrounding the housing crisis has been focused on problems facing tenants in the private sector. Dramatic rent increases and spikes in homelessness in recent years have been especially severe in Dublin making this inevitable. However, long-term policy failures within the provision of a functional social housing sector are being ignored. Patrick McCusker takes a look at how repercussions of this are being felt across the city. … Read More

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Dark Days.

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It’s the Winter Solstice and the darkest day of the year as receivers Mazars go to the high court to serve an injunction to turf 35 homeless people back out on the streets right before Christmas.

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Behind Their Good News.

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  Above: Bit Thorn sent us on these snaps of the occupation as it was about to begin last night. We’ll have more. That’s a Youtube video of their GoFundMe appeal below. Last night housing activists, including a stellar line-up of socially conscious celebs, staged a citizens’ intervention into the housing crisis. They did the obvious and occupied a building under NAMA control on Tara St.  We asked Sean Finnan … Read More