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Living In A Slumlord’s Paradise

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New report out this morning from Savilles real-estate on the state of renting. You’re right, it’s exactly like the torture rack it feels. The slumlords are playing the poor-mouth – they’re rolling in it. As the report says “it’s a no-brainer for people with the cash.” See more here.

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Welcome The SDZ.

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When our Obersturmführer for property developers, Simon Coveney designated the former Glass Bottle plant a Strategic Development Zone, there was plenty of celebratory hoo ha in the media for the 3,000 homes promised as part of the scheme. However far from being an answer to the capital’s housing problem, a little digging leads Rashers Tierney to find this SDZ represents a brewing triumvirate of social exclusion, vulture funds and tech … Read More

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Body And Soulless?

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Body and Soul announced a partnership with AirBnB last week igniting a flood of reaction online. Why? Well last week, online petition pushers Uplift delivered a petition of over 150,000 signatures to AirBnB HQ as a response to their operations in the Occupied Territories.  Not to mention the role AirBnB is playing in creating a more harsh rental market in cities like Dublin. Last time we checked, music festivals were … Read More

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No Warning.

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  Above: Photos and video taken from the Irish Housing Network Facebook page. Fifty beds were closed last night at the Bru Hostel, and with nowhere left to go, residents took direct action to keep them open. The hostel is managed by Crosscare and the closure comes despite the council passing two motions for the hostel to stay open beyond May. The Digital Hub is run by the city council, under … Read More

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London heads are using social media to highlight the utter shtate of their rental accommodation by sharing handmade signs, cardboard memes and posters.

Generation Rent instigated the campaign to force the housing issue to the top of the London Mayoral agenda. Unsurprisingly, it’s a litany of high rents, dismal dives and nightmare landlord stories.

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Was It For This?

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Above: Some portraits celebrating the memory of the executed leaders of the 1916 rising at Arbour Hill last week. Check out more shots from Jamie Goldrick here.   Last week’s 1916 commemoration was a grandiose spectacle, imbued with a huge amount of national symbolism and with no cost spared. Niall O’Sullivan says it’ll change nothing for the growing thousands of homeless men, women and children in emergency accommodation or those … Read More

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Can’t Get No Relief.

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  In February of this year Maggie Corrigan was consumed with making a documentary about homelessness in Dublin, specifically looking at how it affected lone parent families. It was impossible to find people willing to talk about their homelessness on camera when all of a sudden she found herself at the centre of her own housing nightmare. As the due date loomed closer for my documentary, I decided to look … Read More

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Mountjoy Street Eviction Update.

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Activists from the Irish Housing Network have barricaded themselves in with four families facing eviction from numbers 54 and 55 Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7. The group is calling for support as they expect a second attempted eviction at 5pm. “There was an attempted forced eviction at 10 with unidentified heads breaking open a door and removing property including kids passports. The property was taken back by activists. People here are expecting … Read More