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#rabbleReels : A Whole Load Of Squat.

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  Not to detract from our bits on Boston, but after Stoneybatter today here’s a few flicks to awake the womble in ya. I was nearly going to make my own list, but this Youtube playlist here more or less nailed all the major ones. If you have any more, why not share them with the rest of the rabble on our wall on Facebook, on Twitter using #rabbleReels or … Read More

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Squat’s That All About? Quick Report From Manor Street.

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 Word broke out around three o’clock today that there was an eviction taking place on Manor St. This rabbler slurped down the last of his coffee and sprinted over to the hipster side of D7 to find out what was going on. Not much to be honest  when I got there. The cops had long since gone, having came round earlier in the day – but they left with an … Read More

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We’ve turned another corner

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Cavan ghost estate sells for €210,000 at auction A distressed property auction in the Shelbourne Hotel and organised by Allsop saw one Cavan ghost estate containing 5 completed houses, 4 partly finished and planning for 52 more sell for €210,000 today. Other cut-price bargains (?) included  a 3-bed house in Longford (€35,000), a 3-bed house in Louth (€124,000) a bar in Co. Cork (€190,000) and a derelict cottage in Cork (€33,000). … Read More

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Property Tax by the back door

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Almost all residential properties are subject to the new so-called property tax enacted on 26th December last year. This will include the 125,000 local authority homes whose residents are exempt, sneaky-tax-style . It seems that rents will be increased for council tenants, coincidentally, at the same time as the new property tax falls due. Bang! and the money’s gone. Cllr Bríd Smith (Dublin South Central) claims there definitely will be … Read More

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A Room With No View

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While house prices are in freefall and the number of road deaths points to mass emigration of the under 35s it would be reasonable to expect low-cost rental properties both luxurious and plentiful in the capital. However a quick poke around the usual suspect websites like brings forth a compendium of horror. Letting agents with all the scruples of a Fianna Fáil Director of Ethics are trying to let … Read More

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All That Glitters…

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  The corners cut and shortcuts taken during Ireland’s property boom mean that Priory Hall, negative equity and half-finished ghost estates are but the very tip of a continental-shelf sized iceberg, and every day brings new titanic tales of grief and misery. The latest mayday to reach our ears came in a short, single word: Pyrite.   Pyrite occurs naturally in certain rock formations. Left alone in the ground it’s … Read More

The Dublin House – Why Not Add A Co-operative Punch?

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Some fluffy ideas over in the Irish Times today on building a better Dublin. Of the more interesting ones is Ali Grehan’s Dublin House idea. The video above gives more on it. And here’s a link to the council published concept drawing. With not much thought on how such schemes could be funded, is there room for a co-operative housing model to be introduced along side it? Seems to work … Read More

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[Housing] Rack Rent.

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Here in the Rabble Bunker we almost feel sorry for the government as it flops around like a hooked fish on the end of an IMF rod. With a kind of reverse Midas touch effect everything they touch seems to turn to shit. A fine example being their attempt at reducing the state’s burden in supporting around half of all rented accommodation through the Rent Allowance Scheme.