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#rabbleReels: Secrets And Children.

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  Sinead O’Shea’s stark documentary for Al Jazeera investigates the number of children who died in the state’s care during the 2000’s and the neglect and abuse faced by children in its care services.   “I think that the HSE is essentially a busted flush in dealing with children’s services. The HSE has been a grossly dissfunctional agency right across the health service. It’s been a disaster in the childcare area.” … Read More

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They Called It Acieed.

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Rashers Tierney chats to Piers Sanderson. He’s the director of a documentary about the early 1990’s Blackburn rave scene that saw a generation find wholly new uses for warehouses in the hard hit North of England. The presence of Thatcherism hangs heavy in your trailer for your doc. Tell me what life up north was like under her Iron fist? Was rave a political response in a sense or more … Read More

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It’s The Sleaford Mods

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EC claims he’s not usually one for talking about new tunes these days. Too old and too wrapped up in keeping on keeping on.  But his ears recently cocked to The Sleaford Mods and now he’s gone full evangelical. He filed this interview for us. The Last few days I have been aching to tell people about an act I came across semi-randomly while passing time on the net. They’re called … Read More

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Tackling The Drug War On The Home Front.

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Throwing all jokes about students and sensible drug consumption aside, Students For Sensible Drug Policy Ireland are set to challenge the state’s prescriptive strictures on drug use.Rashers Tierney catches up with Seán Lynch. He’s a founding member of the group and it’s their first conference this weekend. You lot represent the Irish wing of a more international movement. Can ye tell me how you got set up here and what the aims of … Read More

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Ballyhea, Ho – Let’s Go!

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  An attempted military coup led Donncha Ó Briain to produce the acclaimed Chavez: Inside The Coup. He’s back with a new documentary that traces the humdrum of those rare Irish social movements fighting against austerity. Rashers Tierney quizzes him on it .   Peripheral Vision is the title of the documentary. Can you tell me where that came from? It seems to suggest that the sort of movements you … Read More

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Up Up And Away: What’s Going On With Dublin’s Property Prices?

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With everyone seemingly going ga-ga over the rise in house prices, it’s like Ireland has made a miraculous recovery. Hold off on buying that champers-fuelled jetpack just for a moment though, as Stephen Bourke looks into the housing crisis that is still very much in existence.   The great big Bank of Ireland ad on Manor Street says something like, “I thought I’d be renting for the rest of my … Read More

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rabble’s Sunday Sitdowns: Dublin Techno, Bono & Confessions of A Drug Dealer

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Some online writing deserves more than a quick scan. Save these up for that next pensive poo – they’ll be more fulfilling than that Lidl special buys supplement.   19 Powerful Photos From The Early Gay Rights Movement: Another great archive from a public library. This time the  New York Public Library’s digital collection delivers the goods. Not so much something to read, but glorious eye candy all the same. Terry Eagleton … Read More

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The Green Line

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THE first of a two-part radio documentary about the Irish in London will air on RTÉ Radio 1 this week. The Green Line and The Green Cab are produced by Irish Post journalist Robert Mulhern for RTÉ’s Documentary on One series. Each programme will look at the Irish experience in the English capital through the stories of ordinary people. Speaking about the documentary Mr Mulhern said: “This is a collective story linking a street drinker, boxer, singer, … Read More

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Helping Hands

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“Those who need the service will continue to get a service”, Enda Kenny told the Dáil amid fresh calls from all sides for the cuts to Home Help to be reversed. Mr Kenny said that people with an assessed need for help will get it. rabble thought it better to go straight to the source and asked those on the frontline how these cuts were affecting them and those in … Read More