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Broken Song: An Interview With Director Claire Dix.

In Blog, Culture, Interviews, Politics by Rashers Tierney2 Comments

  Broken  Song is an observational journey into Dublin’s growing Northside hip hop scene. Rashers Tierney caught this interview with director Claire Dix. Filmed in dramatic black and white, the documentary showcases the poetic lyricism of the Working Class Records camp, and how it relates to their own hopes and backgrounds.  It premieres tonight at the JDIFF, so at this stage you’ve probably missed it. It’s definitely worth keeping an … Read More

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Postcards from the Parish Pump

In #rabble5, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by Barry Gruff4 Comments

The Irish Election Literature blog showcases the perverse nature of opportunism and spinelessness which runs deep in many who court our vote. Barry Gruff finds out more from its curator Alan Kinsella. It is fair to say most people don’t hold on to election flyers and leaflets for too long, before filing them to the nearest bin. This is not the case for Dubliner Alan Kinsella, who has been studiously … Read More

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[Look Up 4] Panels For Proles

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Politics, Print Edition by Lisa CassidyLeave a Comment

At a protest outside the Dáil one day we found ourselves taking shelter from the rain in that sad-looking square next door. Taking a look about us we saw some extraordinary sculptures that have a certain totalitarian feel and topped off by some kind of Ironman-Michael O’Leary character spewing aircraft across the balcony. We gave Lisa Cassidy a bell, she’s behind the award-winning blog, and asked does she know … Read More

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An Interview With Come Here To Me.

In Blog, Culture, Highlights, History, Interviews, Politics by Rashers Tierney4 Comments

 We started CHTM! at a perfect time when blogging, social media and the idea of User Generated Content (UGC), I think, really exploded in popularity. Blogs began to be taken more seriously, Facebook offered the chance for websites to set up their own ‘pages’ for their fans to engage with and people working in history and archives began to see the benefits of utilising social media for crowdsourcing etc. We also appeared at a time when more and more older people, whether Dubliners or ex pats, started to use the web and digitize their old photos and vinyl records. At the start of 2009, there were 400k Facebook users in Ireland. It’s close to 2.5m now.

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Just Say Know: An Interview With The Irish Needle Exchange Forum

In #rabble5, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by Peg Leeson2 Comments

Definitely the media has an important role to play, some of them have been great, others not so much. It is also the individuals who make statements to the media who have a significant responsibility to ensure that their facts are right. The whole issue with the pmma was that people reporting about it didn’t really have a grasp on what it is.

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[Street Art] Paint The Town.

In #rabble5, Culture, History, Politics, Print Edition by Paul Tarpey2 Comments

Irish originality is an issue. Generally the work that clogs our local walls tends to over-reference past styles and overseas artists. Irish-directed stand-out work, outside of contained spaces such as the Drogheda Bridge Jam, is rarely acknowledged. This is unusual for a small country, or it would be if we had an Irish-managed version of the form to offer.

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No Justice, No Piece.

In #rabble5, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Edition by Redmonk3 Comments

ADW has taken a stanley blade to our post-boom wreckage in more ways than one. carving numerous stencils and hurling well-aimed barrages of humour at the myopic fools that landed us here. We were more than a little peeved to see him getting his knuckles rapped at the Kings of Concrete. Redmonk caught up with him and found out what happened.

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Board Walk Empire

In #rabble3, Culture, Print Edition, Sport by Donal FallonLeave a Comment

It’s difficult not to pass a decorated traffic light pole in Dublin city centre today. While the City Council seem to be working over-time to remove stickers from just about everything in Dublin, Donal Fallon fills us in on how each of the four big football clubs in the city have done their bit to ensure visitors are aware of their presence.