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Red Herring Is A Dish Best Served Cold.

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Pat Rabbitte’s been on the radio harrumphing about water protests, sure that’s what you do when it’s not an election. Pat was on Morning Ireland laughing at the idea that Irish Water would ever be privatised: “So, there is no danger, it’s an entire red herring about privatisation of water services. There won’t be any privatisation of water services. No Government with its head screwed on would seek to privatise something … Read More

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Citizens Of Water World

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  Oireachtas Retort takes a look at the people employed to sell you your own water. Remember Citizens, ‘Water Is Free. I Pay For My Water’. Back in January, three years after the Troika’s arrival, the Irish media collectively decided to start caring about water. To their credit, they waited for legislation to pass before asking any awkward questions. Two weeks earlier, on the day Irish Water became law, the … Read More

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Up To Their Thick Necks In Gravy (Train)

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  The Irish media helped force the Local Property Tax down the throats of the population, disseminating the lies and mocking the nationwide protests. The money will go back to your local council they said. In July 2013 we learned that the money was going towards bailout debt. Noonan denied it. Merrion St., the official online mouthpiece of the oaf and his apparatchiks, told us that this nonsense about funds … Read More