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Scarleh for Oxfam

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Scarlett Johansson has decided to drop Oxfam for the filthy lucre of Sodastream. The Sodastream advertising campaign that Johansson fronts hides the dirty reality behind the Israeli company. A factory built on Palestinian land in an illegal settlement exploits Palestinian workers in the daily humiliation that we see so little of in our media. She’s dropping her affiliation with Oxfam just in time for her Sodastream advert during the Superbowl, … Read More

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Fun Town: separate but equal

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50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. addressed the Zion Hill Baptist Church in Louisiana. Apartheid visited his little girl’s consciousness for the first time. In Israel today the amusement parks are operating the same racist apartheid policy. In this speech, Dr. King recounts how he had to explain the concept of racism and segregation to his own daughter, Yolanda. Just six years old at the time, Yolanda desperately wants to … Read More

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Academic boycott of Israel called by Irish teachers union

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The Teachers Union of Ireland has taken a step that will be noted by sister unions across Europe. This morning at Annual congress they unanimously passed a motion calling for the academic boycott of Israel. The bold step makes them the first European academic union to call for such a boycott in line with the calls by Palestinian civil society for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) until … Read More

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Irishman shot by Israeli military

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      Irish cameraman shot and injured by Israeli military The following is a press release from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign see original here Earlier today, Friday 29th Mar 2013, Irishman Tommy Donnellen was shot in the arm by the Israeli military while filming a protest in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank. Mr. Donnellan, who is from the Roscommon border, near Ballinasloe … Read More

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Israeli seeks asylum in Palestine

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A breaking story as yet unreported in the western press, is that of a 23yr old Israeli seeking asylum in the Palestinian Authority area of the West Bank. Andre Beniron told Ma’an News Agency in the West Bank town of Tulkarem that he came to Israel with his mother aged 3 and lives in Haifa. He has been struggling to survive financially in Israel and described his life as difficult. He … Read More

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Should we all be racist now Father?

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If it wasn’t passed around as fact it would be laughable. The Jerusalem Post is carrying a story which furthers Ireland’s reputation as the world leader in anti-semitic hate. Yeah, and here was us thinking it was the Chinese that Ted wanted us to hate. A bizarre attack on Caherciveen and Ireland by Sarah Honig (see here), a political analyst for many decades of the Jerusalem Post, begins by positing … Read More

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Live from the frontline

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  While tweets from the Frontline may have very different connotations in Ireland (think Kenny, Gallagher and a certain unofficial Sinn Féin twitter account) in Palestine it is becoming commonplace to see hashtags from villages, demonstrations or ‘Occupy’-style gatherings trend across the social media. Just today, while our mainstream media pointedly ignores the hunger strikes and solidarity demonstrations across the region, twitter users are documenting the ongoing events at Nabi … Read More

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Shatter Hypocrisy

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  On this morning’s Pat Kenny Today programme on RTE Radio 1, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter spoke about the upcoming Loyalist march in Dublin. Following an unprompted verbal attack on republicanism Shatter went on to say that he expected that the marchers had every right to express themselves and the Gardaí would ensure this would happen “I know that the gardaí will undertake any preparation necessary to ensure that … Read More

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If it’s not bombs it’s bricks

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  The UN voted overwhelmingly to accept Palestine as a non-member ‘observer’ of the Assembly…Israel has reacted well by announcing construction of a further 3000 settler homes in Palestinian land. Only Israel, the USA, Canada, Czech Republic and some American pacific islands voting against the inclusion of Palestinian Authority (under Abbas). Following the ceasefire announced after the last aggression, Israel has shot many Palestinians, including children, farmers and fisherman – … Read More

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*Breaking* Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza & Bethlehem begins

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Harry Fear, an independent documentary maker and activist is streaming live from a hotel in Gaza city.   He has reported that Israel has begun a ground invasion of Gaza and the West Bank… Airstrikes are ongoing throughout Gaza. Tanks have invaded Bethlehem and other areas of West Bank. Resistance fighters are engaging Tanks entering Gaza Fear is livestreaming as explosions are heard from his hotel room. Watch live here … Read More