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What Is It About Unelectable Galway Senators?

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Not to be outdone by Fidelma Freely Memes, Galway East Senator Lorraine Higgins has taken to the tweet machine to launch a Condemn-A-Thon. Let he who doth not cast a stone be assumed to have sinned, or something (see 2007 for it’s last relevance).   Senator Higgins came to light when roaring about Brickgate a few months ago. Calling Ireland a “Lawless Utopia” (sounds good to us!) we got our … Read More

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With All Due Respect.

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Labour Minister Alan Kelly has apologised to Independent TD Mattie McGrath for telling him to “Fuck off!” during the debate on the Water Bill last night. Kelly had been in the chamber for 7 hours at that stage so most sane people would probably want to roar that at Mattie by then. It came during a day of more chaos as Kelly refused to stand over figures about Irish Water … Read More

Burton’s War on Welfare Continues.

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  Twenty Gardaí have been seconded (presumably from roughing up women at water meter protests) to Tánaiste Burton’s Dept of Social Destruction Protection to fight Welfare fraud.   The trick here is to look tough on crime and hope the media plays along. However, there really isn’t much welfare fraud, despite the column inches. Last year the Dept reviewed a million cases and found savings of around €25m between overpayments, … Read More

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By The Food Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee.

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Minister for Social Destruction Joan Burton is to officially open the Bia Food Initiative Food Bank in Cork tomorrow. Pursuing a policy of austerity leaves a growing number of hungry people in society. In Britain over half a million people rely on food banks. Tomorrow’s event is to promote the Public Private Partnership of a food bank that sources waste food from partner companies for distribution to the poor. Funding comes … Read More

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Any Colour You Want As Long As It’s Black.

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  When Fianna Fáil requested information on the business case that saw Irish Water handed over to Bord Gais they received this  160 page document. Almost completely redacted. Thomas Byrne brought it up in the Senate  on  November 24th when questioning Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, Deputy Paudie Coffey: “Thomas Byrne (Fianna Fail): When Fianna Fáil made a freedom of information request … Read More

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#soapBox: An Open Letter To Minister For Health.

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Cian O’Daly emailed Health Minister Leo Varadkar with this plea for help. This was in response to learning just yesterday morning that, his son, Henry’s medical card application was refused. “Dear Minister Varadkar, My son, Henry Bolger O’Daly, was diagnosed pre-natally 5 years ago as having Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. He was born with the entire left-hand side of his heart missing. He has endured a series of arduous and … Read More

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Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Boo Exploita).

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Spotted in Penneys at lunchtime. Cashing in on recent garage revivalism or maybe it’s in reference to something we totally missed? Just remember that nearly a year and a half ago, 1,100 people died in the Rana Plaza collapse while in July two Swansea folk found messages sewn onto Primark labels that read “Forced to work exhausting hours.”  Good vibes. More over at this live chat on raising wages in the garment trade hosted by … Read More

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Hell Raiser.

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This is Jane McAlevey. She’s a a fourth generation union activist and author of a book called Raising Expectations and Raising Hell.  She was in town recently for a number of talks and had some pretty prescient things to say. Here she is chatting to Siobhán O’Donoghue of  Migrant Rights Centre and Uplift fame. She has some mad idea about people participating in society and goes on at lenght: “The … Read More

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Govt. Walks Out On Debate, Not One Fliuch Was Given.

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  What would be extraordinary scenes in a functioning democracy occurred as Minister for Environment Alan Kelly walked out on debate about water charges. Leaving just four government representatives on the benches of the Dáil to face the entire opposition. Kelly, the Taoiseach and Tánaiste all left while the Fianna Fáil spokesperson Barry Cowen was beginning his questioning of the Minister. Then they left and the Dáil was suspended. Reports also … Read More

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#soapBox: Facing Jail With Nothing Left To Lose.

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  Derek Byrne is one of 11 protestors facing a possible custodial sentence tomorrow for breaching High Court orders barring protest blocking Irish Water meter installation. Tonight he posted a message to supporters on his Facebook page: “As everyone is well aware myself and 10 others will be in court tomorrow morning to face the wrath of the Government through the corrupt judicial system . Tomorrow we will be supported by 8 … Read More